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6 July 2020

Let’s play SciBall!

A sports and science mash up featuring a few new geeky games inspired by the cool things scientists study in high-field magnets. 

22 June 2020

Combatting COVID

This series focuses on MagLab scientists who are leveraging their expertise and high-field magnets in the fight against COVID-19.

20 April 2020

What happens when you lock the scientists out of the lab?

That experiment is taking place right now. The data so far is mixed, but resourceful researchers find the upside.

12 February 2020

A Conversation with Jeremy Owens

Thanks to funding from a prestigious fellowship, this MagLab geochemist will learn more about ancient climate change and shed light on modern climate change in the process.

22 July 2019

Practice makes imperfect

With a prestigious prize from the National Science Foundation, MagLab chemist Yan-Yan Hu hopes to boost the performance of materials by engineering them with the best possible flaws.

22 July 2019

Spinning electrons into technology gold

With a prestigious prize from the National Science Foundation, MagLab physicist Christianne Beekman will do "atomic-level engineering" on ultra-thin materials with promising properties.

24 June 2019

Crossing a Mack truck with a Ferrari

Two MagLab teams tried marrying vastly different technologies to build a new type of magnet: the Series Connected Hybrid. Decades later, has the oddball pairing panned out?

31 May 2019

Hurricane Season at the MagLab

Located in a region prone to hurricanes, the National MagLab is ready to weather any storm.

17 April 2019

Getting to the bottom of Deepwater Horizon’s impact

Thanks to the MagLab’s expertise and unique instruments, a geochemist finds a treasure trove of oil-spill data buried beneath the sea.

2 August 2018

BiSCCO breakthrough

MagLab experts fine-tuned a furnace for pressure-cooking a novel superconducting magnet. Now they're about to build its big brother.

19 June 2018

"SnackChat" builds community at the MagLab

Monthly gatherings prepare employees for the dreaded awkward elevator ride.

4 June 2018

Rooting for Team Science

How is science like a team sport? From physics to chemistry to biology, it takes a squad to make progress in an increasingly interdisciplinary world. 

9 May 2018

Ryan Rodgers makes it happen

With determination, confidence and a top-notch team, this MagLab chemist exposed the complex secrets of crude oil, busting open a vast, new field.

5 April 2018

CellBert named lab’s Most Valuable Bot

The MagLab’s DC Field Facility hit pay dirt with this hire, who works tirelessly to keep magnet cells spick and span.

19 February 2018

Ten ways sports can make you a better scientist

Looking for something to give you the edge in your research? Join the team.

12 February 2018

A match made in physics

Whether with people, particles or the forces of physics, love always finds a way.

4 October 2017

Stuck with Neodymium?

Using high-field electromagnets, scientists explore a promising alternative to the increasingly expensive rare earth element widely used in motors.

17 July 2017

Beating the heat treatment problem

Looking for ways to make better superconductors for the next-generation particle accelerators, a young scientist homed in on how they were heat-treated. He was getting warmer.

1 May 2017

Intro to high-temperature superconductors

At the National MagLab and other labs across the globe, the race to discover ever-warmer superconductors is heating up. Find out what these materials are, what they’re good for and why this field is red hot.

7 October 2016

Tapping into the Topological Promise

At the National MagLab, scientists have been experimenting for years on materials first dreamed up by the newest physics Nobel laureates decades ago.