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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Meet our Scientist/Staff

The MagLab employs a diverse workforce that includes scientists, machinists, engineers, administrators, writers and even artists. Learn more about our staff and innovation and creativity grow in environments where people bring different ideas and perspectives.

Alan Marshall

Meet one of the greatest innovators in the history of mass spectrometry, hard at work.

Amy McKenna

Chemist Amy McKenna describes her path to science and to the MagLab

MagLab Chief Scientist Laura Greene

Hired in 2015 as chief scientist, this eminent physicist brings a dynamic array of talents to the MagLab.

Jeremy Owens

Thanks to new funding, MagLab geochemist Jeremy Owens will learn more about ancient climate change, extinctions, oxygen levels, and new species to und…

David Graf

Physicist David Graf describes his path to science and to the MagLab.

Joanna Long

Each day at work, Long, tackles the twin duties of providing administrative leadership for a growing program, and her own scientific research.

Magnet Lab geochemist Yang Wang

MagLab scientist Yang Wang joins an expedition to unearth the oldest woolly rhino fossils ever found.

Likai Song

This MagLab biophysicist is working on an HIV vaccine.

MagLab chemist Ryan Rodgers was awarded the Distinguished University Scholar Award from Florida State University earlier this month.

With determination, confidence and a top-notch team, this MagLab chemist exposed the complex secrets of crude oil, busting open a vast, new field.

Stephen Hill

Hill, originally from outside Oxford, England, talks about the path to a career in science and how he ended up at the helm of a program that had helpe…

Greg Boebinger

A far-reaching interview with the lab's director.

Physicist Ross McDonald

Physicist Ross McDonald pushes experimental boundaries with his work in Los Alamos.

Peter Gor'kov

In the hands of Peter Gor'kov, scientific tools become works of fine art.