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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Magnet Projects

MagLab Engineers testing a new magnet

What are the next exciting magnets in development now at the MagLab? These magnet projects leverage the analysis, design, materials, component development and testing, coil fabrication, and testing only available at the MagLab.  

Current Projects

40-tesla superconducting magnet

40-Tesla Superconducting Magnet

A 40-T superconducting magnet would enable scientists to run their experiments longer at peak field in a more stable, homogenous magnetic field.

Platypus project

Platypus Project

A high-field and high-homogeneity demonstration magnet using Bi-2212 round wire: A first mammal in the age of NMR dinosaurs.

20 Tesla MRI Magnet: Ekosi Tesla

20 Tesla MRI Magnet: Ekosi Tesla

In 2013, an international team including the MagLab initiated Ekosi Tesla: the pursuit of 20 tesla human MRI (ekosi is Greek for 20).

MagLab engineer Lee Marks prepares the 7.2 ton “cold-mass” of the series connected hybrid magnet for its journey from Tallahassee to Berlin.

Series Connected Hybrid, HZB

In 2014, MagLab completed the world's strongest magnet for neutron scattering for the Helmholtz Centre Berlin (HZB).

Design of the 45 tesla hybrid magnet for Nijmegen

45 Tesla Hybrid Magnet for Nijmegen

The MagLab is playing a key role in the design and construction of a new 45 tesla hybrid magnet to be located at the High Field Magnet Lab at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

41-tesla resistive magnet

41 Tesla, 32 mm Bore Magnet

Achieving full field in 2017, this 41 tesla resistive magnet is the strongest resistive magnet in the world.

36 Tesla Series Connected Hybrid (SCH)

The MagLab successfully tested a 36 tesla/1.5 GHz series connected hybrid magnet that broke a record for field homogeneity for a high-field magnet, will enable new science with very high, very stable magnetic fields, and will operate more inexpensively than comparable magnets.

32 tesla coil

32 Tesla All Superconducting Magnet

Successfully tested in 2017, this magnet is the world's most powerful superconducting magnet and the first to combine high-temperature and low temperature superconductors.

25 tesla split magnet

25 Tesla Split Magnet

Scientists and engineers had to invent the Split Florida-helix to accommodate the four ports going through the middle of this unique magnet.

45 tesla hybrid magnet

45 Tesla Hybrid Magnet

Combining a superconducting magnet of 11.5 tesla with a resistive magnet of 33.5 tesla, this magnet has been the strongest in the world since 1999.

900 Mhz ultra wide bore magnet

900 MHz 105 mm Ultra Wide Bore Magnet

Known as the world's strongest MRI, this magnet produces 21.1 tesla for nuclear magnetic resonance research with a bore of 105 millimeters, large enough for in vivo studies.

60 tesla pulse magnet

60 Tesla Controlled Waveform Magnet

The 60 Tesla Long Pulse has the ability to sustain peak fields for up to 100 milliseconds.

100 tesla magnet

100 Tesla Magnet

Powered by a 1.4 gigawatt generator, this magnet has produced the highest non-destructive field in the world since March 2012.

Last modified on 29 December 2022