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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Requesting Magnet Time

Want to use high magnetic fields to elevate your research? The National MagLab provides access to the world’s highest field magnets free of charge to researchers from across scientific disciplines. Learn more about how to submit a proposal for magnet time, the peer-review process and magnet scheduling.

Returning users: Directly login to the User System

New Users: How to Request Magnet Time

There are two sets of documents to prepare:

The first set is a "magnet time proposal" to begin the processing of requesting magnet time. After your proposal is reviewed and approved, you will need a second set of documents, which is the "proposed experiment" documents.

A magnet time proposal

Proposals for magnet time requests are required in all facilities and are good for three years. Please complete the FAIR Data Management Form (see Guidelines) and include the following information combined into one pdf file:

  • A description (no more than 3 pages) of your proposed science and/or technology development including the broader impacts of your research
  • A one-page description of prior relevant work (this can include your own work, or work from others in the field)
  • A biographical sketch (using this bio sketch template) including up to five publications related to the proposed project and up to five other significant products.

All magnet time proposals are competitively reviewed and scored. Proposals get sent to the appropriate facility director and for external review. Proposals receive an A-F grade based on scientific and/or technological merit and "broader impacts" of the proposed work. Proposals receiving an A or B are recommended for magnet time.

If a proposal reviews poorly, it is sent back to the submitter with feedback to help with future proposals.

Proposed experiment documents

You will also need to tell us some specific information about your proposed experiment including:

  • The magnet system(s) you'd like to use (Aren't sure? Search for a magnet to fit your research needs)
  • Details on your sample(s) (NOTE: If you're using live vertebrate animals, please complete and submit an Animal Use Application Form)
  • Experimental Plan with details about your experimental needs including sample preparation, temperature, equipment, instrumentation, etc.
  • Schedule request
  • Funding sources
  • Prior Results Report (Required for DC Field and Pulsed Field facility only, using this report template.)
  • Contact information for your collaborators
  • A FAIR Data Management Form providing basic information about how you’ll provide for durability and FAIR compliance of research data generated at the MagLab.

Experimental documents are reviewed internally. Access to certain systems may require prior results at lower fields to show the need for high fields.

Many experiments may be submitted under one approved proposal, so if you have an active proposal, just submit a new experiment.

If it's your first time using our facility, start by registering as a new user, then jump to step 3.

If you are returning to the MagLab, login to your user profile and jump to step 3.

Soon, you will be asked to include your ORCiD on your user profile. Don’t have one or don’t know what is? Learn more about ORCiD.

Upload proposal documents and provide experimental details

After you log in to the User System, you will create proposal and add experiment by entering and uploading your proposal with a scientific and technical justification, demographic information about the research team and FAIR data plan. Proposals are valid for three (3) years from the date of submission. Also submit your experiment request(s) containing specific experimental details (instrument, date, sample type, experimental plan, etc).

Each MagLab user facility uses both the internal and external reviews to schedule magnet time. Prioritization may be given to early career researchers, PI's from an underrepresented group or an institution serving underrepresented groups and first time PI's.

After your work is completed, please report all publications resulting from use of MagLab facilities, including talks, books, Ph.D. and masters theses, and other one-time publications via the MagLab's User Reporting System. Please also take a moment to review (and revise if needed) the information linked to your completed experiment(s) in the User Online System.

See how to Report & Acknowledgement

Last modified on 18 January 2024