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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Center for Rare Earths, Critical Minerals, and Industrial Byproducts

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Securing domestic critical element supply chains

Launched with funding from the Florida Legislature in 2023, the Center will evaluate Florida's potential as a production center for rare earths, critical minerals, and recovered materials for national security, supply-chain independence, meeting state infrastructure needs, and supporting emerging industries such as electric vehicle production, battery manufacturing, and other manufacturing and infrastructure uses.

MagLab materials scientist Ke Han with tiny samples of manganese gallium, which has shown promise for magnetic applications.

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The mission of the the Center for Rare Earths, Critical Minerals, and Industrial Byproducts is to advance knowledge and technologies related to rare earth elements, critical minerals, and recovered materials. Specifically, this will be accomplished through research, educational and training programs, collaboration with industry partners, and policy and advocacy efforts.

Key Contacts

Munir Humayun


For information regarding the center's capabilities and initiatives.

Frank Pugh

Project Manager

For information regarding the Center's key projects.

Jacqueline Kornegay

Program Coordinator

For information regarding the budget, purchasing, and other activities.