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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.


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The National MagLab is structured to ensure scientific and technological excellence across all levels of the organization.

How is the world's largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory led and governed? The National MagLab is jointly operated for the National Science Foundation by Florida State University, the University of Florida and Los Alamos National Laboratory (with sites at each of those locations) under a cooperative agreement that establishes the lab's goals and objectives.

Lab leadership works collaboratively with lab wide support teams and user facilities to support and advance the mission of the National MagLab. Scientific direction is overseen by an internal Science Council. External committees, including a Users Committee, External Advisory Committee, and Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee provide advice on issues that are critical to the successful management of the lab.

MagLab Organizational Chart

View MagLab organizational chart. (Updated March 29, 2023).

Advisory Committees

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External Advisory Committee

Made up of representatives from academia, government and industry, this committee offers advice on matters critical to the successful management of the lab.

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Science Council

The Science Council helps set the lab's scientific agenda and serves as an internal advisory group on global scientific issues and potential opportunities for the laboratory.

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Users Committee

The Users Committee advises MagLab leadership on matters of importance to the user community.

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Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Diversity Advisory Committee is chaired by the MagLab Director. This committee advises laboratory leadership on opportunities to promote diversity in hiring and outreach programs.

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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

This internal committee is charged with coordinating and implementing recommendations from the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee to help the lab achieve its diversity and inclusion goals.

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CIRL External Advisory Committee

The Center for Integrating Research and Learning seeks external advice annually from experts in the various education programs we conduct.

MagLab Structure

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Lab Leadership

The lab's leadership team works collaboratively to support and advance the scientific mission of the National MagLab.

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Lab Wide Support Teams

Intro text here

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Policies & Procedures

Numerous policies and procedures are in place at the MagLab.

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The history of the MagLab began in 1990 with the founding of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.