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Pulsed Field Advisory Sub-Committee

* Member of Users Executive Committee

Joseph G. Checkelsky
Joseph G. Checkelsky

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Department of Physics

77 Massachusetts Ave, Bldg. 13-2074

Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-324-7762

Email: Joseph Checkelsky

Research Interests: Topological states, correlated electrons, magnetism, and superconductivity. We use a combination of materials synthesis and transport/thermodynamic probes to examine systems of interest. DC and Pulsed high magnetic fields play a crucial role in determining properties of the Fermi surface and studying field induced transitions in our studies.

Term: 1/2019-12/2024

Michihiro Hirata
Michihiro Hirata

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Email: Michihiro Hirata

Research Interest: Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements of strongly correlated materials ranging from organic superconductors to Dirac semimetals.

Term: 1/2023-12/2025

Rongyin Jin
Rongyin Jin

University of South Carolina

Physics and Astronomy

College of Arts and Sciences

Sumwalt 125

Phone: 803-777-9987

Email: Rongyin Jin

Research Interests: Her effort is devoted to (1) the development of new quantum materials with intriguing properties (superconductivity, quantum magnetism, nontrivial topology, thermoelectrics, and multiferroics etc.), (2) the investigation of physical properties: charge, spin and heat transportation, magnetization, specific heat, microscopic (magnetic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, transmission electron microscopy), and spectroscopic (angle-resolved photoemission, and neutron scattering) measurements.

Term: 1/2024-12/2026

Minhyea Lee
Minhyea Lee

University of Colorado Boulder

Department of Physics

Duane Physics, 2000 Colorado Ave. Boulder CO 80309

Phone: 303-492-1440

Email: Minhyea Lee

Research interests: My research group studies unconventional phases of matter with a particular focus on magnetic frustration. We aim to understand non-trivial physical phenomena driven by diverse spin states, by investigating thermodynamic and transport characteristics under various extreme conditions.

Term: 1/2022-12/2024

Brad Ramshaw*
Brad Ramshaw*

Cornell University

Department of Physics

Clark Hall, Room 531

Ithaca, New York 14853

Phone: 1-607-255-1956

Email: Brad Ramshaw

Research Interest: He designs and builds experiments to probe the fundamental transport and thermodynamic properties of quantum materials—systems that exhibit non-trivial quantum phenomena. Current examples of his research include the identification of unique phases of matter in topological semimetals, uncovering broken symmetries in high-Tc superconductors using ultrasound, and probing topological superconductivity using the unique experimental technique of resonant ultrasound spectroscopy.

Term: 1/2020-12/2025

Sheng Ran
Sheng Ran

Washington University St. Louis

MSC 1105-110-02

1 Brookings Drive

St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Email: Sheng Ran

Research Interests: Sheng Ran’s research aims to realize and understand exotic states of quantum materials, using combined techniques of bulk crystal synthesis, electric and thermal transport measurements under extreme temperature, pressure and magnetic field conditions, and neutron and high energy X-ray scattering.

Term: 1/2024-12/2026

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Last modified on 04 December 2023