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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Flagship Magnets

Some of the strongest magnets in the world, including resistive, pulsed, superconducting and hybrid. Unique power and design for cutting-edge research across disciplines.

600 MHz 89 mm MAS DNP System

This instrument is located at the MagLab's Tallahassee headquarters.

21 Tesla FT-ICR MS (123 mm bore diameter)

This new tool, featuring a magnet built by the Bruker Corporation and installed in 2014, represents the world’s highest field, persistent, superconduc…

900Mhz 105Mm Ultra Wide Bore Magnet

At 21.1 tesla, this is the strongest MRI scanner in the world for small animals, and is also used for solid state NMR.

25 Tesla 32mm Split Helix Magnet Cell 5

The Split-Florida Helix (SFH) magnet is the first modern powered magnet optimized for advanced optical spectroscopy techniques requiring wide, free-sp…

32 Tesla Superconducting magnet

The 32 T magnet is the first in a new class of high-field superconducting magnets employing HTS materials.

36 Tesla, 40 mm Bore Series Connected Hybrid Magnet

This novel hybrid magnet can be used for both condensed matter science physics and NMR spectroscopy. It is the strongest magnet in the world for NMR.

41 Tesla 32mm bore Cell 6

This standard 33 MW solenoid magnet produces 41 tesla in a 32-mm bore.

45 Tesla, 32 mm Bore Hybrid Magnet

The lab’s flagship magnet, the 45 tesla hybrid is composed of a 33.5 tesla resistive magnet nested in an 11.5 tesla outsert.

100 Tesla Magnet

The Pulsed Field Facility has the world's only scientific program that has delivered scientific results in non-destructive magnetic fields up to and e…

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