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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Facts & Figures

Information on MagLab world records, answers to frequently asked questions and statistics on our electricity bill, number of employees and the like.

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Always pushing the scientific envelope, the Magnet Lab holds numerous records for high magnetic fields and other key measures of the power and utility…

by the numbers thumbnail

How many world records we hold, how much we pay for electricity and other nifty numbers.

MagLab Q&A thumbnail

This Q&A separates MagLab fact from fiction.

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The MagLab is home to a cadre of world-class scientists and engineers who conduct high-level research recognized nationally and internationally.

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This PDF overview includes the most current figures on the MagLab's return on investment, economic output and other key measures of our impact in the …

Sustainable science thumbnail

At the National MagLab, we believe in renewable, responsible science. Research conducted in high magnetic fields leads to materials and energy solutio…

annual report thumbnail

The lab has a full-length annual report and a short at-a-glance version that showcases statistics, programs and activities from the previous year.