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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Research Initiatives

At the MagLab, researchers use magnets more than a million times more powerful than the Earth's magnetic field to answer fundamental questions across scientific disciplines that impact our world.

High magnetic fields are a tool to probe matter and uncover unique properties. Science taking place in high fields are leading to big discoveries in tomorrow's quantum technologies, combatting climate change, protecting human health, enabling the magnet-based machines of the future, paving the way to new energy solutions, and solving the mysteries of the universe. 

Quantum Materials

Materials Research and New Technology

Scientists and engineers are on a quest to make products smaller, faster, smarter and stronger. New materials are at the center of this race, enabling the high-tech and quantum devices that have changed your life and will continue to change it in ways you cannot yet imagine.

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Scientists use powerful magnets to learn more about living structures and investigate disease. The MagLab develops instruments and techniques to reveal the structure and behavior of complex proteins, pathogens and biological processes, findings that will promote human health and illuminate mechanisms underlying cancer, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, migraines, and emerging threats like COVID.

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Health Research


Energy Research

High magnetic field research on lithium batteries and fuel cells is paving the way to greener energy storage and delivery, and harnessing the power of superconductivity at scale could revolutionize energy infrastructure.

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Ultrahigh resolution tools help researchers identify the chemical composition and source of exceptionally complex mixtures like dissolved organic matter, microplastics, and petroleum to assess the impact of climate change, oil spills, and fracking, to illuminate the carbon cycle and help protect planet Earth.

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Magnet Based Machines

Magnet-based Machines of the Future

Advances in magnet technology will enable the magnet-based machines of the future – from more powerful MRIs and particle accelerators to fusion-based energy, stronger research magnets, and tools for industry and manufacturing. Future electric vehicles that can travel farther and more efficiently will also be created with the help of magnets.

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Our scientists also study the chemical makeup of Saturn’s moon, meteorites from Mars, and billions-of-years-old samples from our own planet to solve the mysteries of the universe. They also explore the mysteries of the quantum universe where each class of material is like its own universe filled with fundamental questions, unique rules, and behaviors.


Solving the Mysteries of the Universe

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Last modified on 06 April 2023