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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Meet the probes

Probe Primer

Without an instrument called a probe, our world-record magnets would be about as useful as a power drill without a bit, thread without a needle or a safe without a key.

This probe, a static low-E probe for aligned proteins, is one of dozens designed and built at the MagLab.

Magnet probes are at once very simple and very complex. On the simple end, they are essentially sticks – about as tall as the scientists who use them …

Inserting a sample into the low-E probe.

This tool makes possible more research on heat-sensitive samples such as proteins.

Detail of the top of the Magic Angle Spinning probe

Spinning faster than almost anything on Earth, this probe allows scientists to do NMR studies of solid state samples.

Inside the rodent probe.

This probe allows biologists to study health problems such as migraines and head injuries using live animals as large as rats, making our 900 MHz magn…