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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Lab Wide Support Teams

Beyond our talented scientific staff, it takes many other lab wide teams to support the world’s largest magnet lab. Learn about these professional teams who keep the lab running.

Business Administration

The Business Administration team focuses on the organizational wellbeing of the lab across the financial, operational, and human resource sectors. This team is comprised of sub-teams including

  • A Budget team that provides efficient and effective financial management support support to the departments and programs within the Lab. They ensure integrity of the lab's financial resources and monitor compliance with federal and non-federal regulations through the implementation of lab wide budgeting policies and systems that ensure proper uses of funding. For more information on the budget team, contact Karol Bickett.
  • A Finance team that streamlines purchasing and travel requests made across the lab. This team is also responsible for inventory management. For more information, contact Walter Lee.
  • A Human Resources team that is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient management of employee services functions at the MagLab across career category and level - from Faculty, post docs, graduate and undergraduate students, visiting scholars and affiliates and OPS, A&P and USPS staff. This team works to build a safe, inclusive and nurturing work environment where all employees are valued and respected. They manage hiring for open positions and provide training and information on many topics including immigration visas. For more information contact Bettina Roberson.

For more information on the business administration teams and functions, please contact Debra Booth.

Communications/Public Affairs Team

This team brings decades of expertise and experience in communications, marketing, web design/programming, storytelling, graphic design and photography/videography to act as a bridge between the MagLab and our diverse audiences. They use comprehensive web, interactive, social and traditional tools to reach broad and diverse audiences including running the MagLab Open House event.

For more information, contact public affairs team.

Computer Support Group

CSG maintains over 1,000 systems including desktops, laptop, servers, virtual machines, printers and devices. The network, maintained by FSU ITS, supports gigabit ethernet to individual offices and lab space. All computers in the Lab are supported by in-house staff. Vital systems and equipment are monitored 24/7 by CSG to ensure the mission of the MagLab. Both servers and endpoints are backed up daily to the Cloud or to tape for archival purposes. Appropriate computer and network security measures are in place to protect data integrity.

For more information, contact computer support group.

Facilities Department

This department consists of mechanical technicians, welders, electricians, project managers, mechanical and electrical engineers and support staff. The department is responsible for providing resources for any centralized research infrastructure or building maintenance or improvements. The department’s goal is to provide engineering and trades personnel to ensure that anything from a minor repair to a major project are completed professionally and in compliance with University rules and codes.

Examples of tasks handled by the MagLab Facilities team include repairs and upgrades to the DC field cooling plant, connecting magnet systems to power and cooling, helium recovery installations, electrical needs, furniture replacement, scientific equipment utilities, lab and office renovations. The MagLab facilities team will also coordinate with FSU maintenance on items such as roof leaks, temperature control, and lightbulb replacement.

To report a problem or support need, enter a work order at For more information contact department head John Kynoch or (850) 644-8965.

Project Management Team

Projects at the MagLab are often complex and multifaceted. This team of professional project managers are here to interface with our scientists, engineers and other staff to ensure that projects are managed effectively, on-time, and on-budget. For more information, contact Dave Lunger.

Safety Team

This team of safety professionals provide support and guidance to all MagLab departments with the implementation, maintenance, and review of a comprehensive environmental, health, and safety and security programs. The primary goal of the MagLab’s safety staff is to eliminate, reduce, or control, work-related injuries, illnesses, and losses of MagLab resources. For more information, please visit our Safety page or contact safety team.

Last modified on 06 February 2023