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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.


MagLab Engineer designing industry parts

At the MagLab, our discoveries are primed to have a major impact on the technology of the future. MagLab researchers and staff develop partnerships and collaborations with private sector companies, federal agencies, institutions and international organizations to advance magnet-related technologies and help bring new technologies closer to the marketplace.

How can magnets move your business forward?

Magnets are in practically everything - from headphones, electric lights and computers to motors, plastics, high-speed trains and MRI. Learn more about the advancements magnets make across business sectors, including

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Computer & electronic product manufacturing
  • Electrical equipment & component manufacturing
  • Natural resources & mining
  • Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing
  • Oil & gas extraction
  • Petroleum & coal product manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Robotics
  • Transportation
  • Textiles & smart fabric
  • Quantum technologies

Explore our Industrial Opportunities

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Partnering with us

We want to work with you to integrate magnets into your business. Here's how.

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Patents & Licensing

We develop and patent technologies that are unique and available for license.

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Want a custom magnet built or tested? FSU MRD can help.

The region where the MagLab is headquartered has become known as the "Magnetic Capital of the World." Learn more about the region's attractive magnetic assets and the work being done by the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitalityto recruit new magnet-technology companies to this area.

Most Recent Patents

The lab has more than 100 lifetime patents. Explore the full list of patents and learn more about licensing opportunities

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Stories about Industrial Impact

Recycled neodymium iron boride magnet blocks from Urban Mining Company

Characterizing Materials for Industry Partners

Scientists from Urban Mining Company (now Noveon) tested samples of the neodymium iron boride magnets they manufacture in the MagLab's high-field magnets.

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Assessing Global Supply Chains

The MagLab served on a panel of industry leaders, university faculty, national lab leaders, and science facility project heads to explore a sustainable business model for manufacturing advanced superconductors.

Bi 2212

New Partnership Announced with Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments, a leading provider of high-tech products and services to scientific research and applied quantum technology communities, has signed a licensing and sponsored research agreement to explore magnet technology based on a Bismuth-based superconductor, Bi-2212.

High Fields at Home

Much of the research conducted in powerful magnets ends up having a powerful effect on our day-to-day lives.

Here are some examples of how high-field research across the globe is making our lives safer, greener, more productive and more efficient. Just click on the numbers for a quick overview and to see links to details on the science.

Last modified on 02 May 2023