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NMR-MRI/S Facility Staff

Key Contacts

Facility Director: Robert Schurko For information about NMR facilities, capabilities, and scheduling.

Scientific Instrumentation: Bill Brey or Peter Gor'kov For information regarding instrumentation, measurements and facilities.

Solid State NMR: Riqiang Fu, Zhehong Gan, Ivan Hung, Sungsool Wi, Amrit Venkatesh For information about solid state NMR capabilities, facilities, and scheduling.

Solution NMR: Ashley Blue For information about solution NMR capabilities, instrumentation, and scheduling.

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Fred Mentink For information regarding DNP capabilities, instruments and scheduling.

MRI/S: Sam Grant, Shinho Cho and Malathy Elumalai For information regarding magnetic resonance imaging capabilities and instruments.

Sr.Administrative Specialist: Kim Mozolic For information regarding travel, safety training and scheduling.

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Last modified on 11 December 2023