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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Research Areas

Research areas of the MagLab's Condensed Matter Science research group.

Complex Behavior Near Metal-Insulator Transitions

  • Mott transitions in oxides and organic systems (Balicas, Choi, Dobrosavljevic, Popovic)
  • Nano-scale phase separation and dynamic heterogeneity (Dobrosavljevic, Jaroszynski, McGill, Popovic, Reyes)
  • 2D Metal-insulator transition in semiconductors (Balicas, Dobrosavljevic, Hannahs, Jaroszynski, McGill, Popovic, Suslov)
  • Glassy behavior and non-equilibrium dynamics of disordered electrons (Dobrosavljevic, Jaroszynski, Popovic)
  • Colossal Magneto-Resistance effects in manganites and diluted magnetic semiconductors (Balicas, Cao, Dobrosavljevic, Jaroszynski, Schlottmann)
  • Charge Density Waves, Spin Density Waves and superconductivity in organic systems and high Tc cuprates (Balicas, Choi, Dobrosavljevic, Gor'kov, Hannahs, Popovic, Reyes, Riggs)
  • Semimetals: graphite and graphene (Balicas, Engel, Vafek, Yang)
  • Quantum criticality near a metal-insulator transition (Boebinger, Dobrosavljevic, Popovic)
  • Electronic structure of complex oxides (Manousakis)

Design and Synthesis of Novel Materials

Design principles

  • Molten flux technique for synthesis of single crystals (Baumbach, Siegrist)
  • Floating zone image furnace for synthesis of large single crystals (Baumbach, Siegrist)
  • Vapor transport for synthesis of single crystals (Balicas, Baumbach, Siegrist)
  • Mono-arc furnace for rapid throughput synthesis of intermetallic
  • Polycrystals (Baumbach)
  • Pulsed laser deposition for thin film synthesis (Beekmann)


  • Synthesis guided by electronic structure calculations (Baumbach, Siegrist)
  • Investigations of novel layered structures (Baumbach)
  • Investigations of cluster environments as building blocks (Baumbach)
  • Focus on d- and f-electron elements to promote strong electronic
  • Correlations (Baumbach)
  • Novel use of reactive multinary fluxes for single crystal growth (Siegrist, Whalen)

Exotic Superconductivity and other Emergent Ground States

  • High-Tc Superconductivity: cuprates and Fe-based superconductors (Balicas, Baumbach, Boebinger, Dobrosavljevic, Gor'kov, Hannahs, Jaroszynski, Popovic, Reyes, Riggs, Tozer, Vafek, Yang)
  • Exotic pairing in ruthenates, heavy fermions, and cold atoms (Balicas, Boebinger, Gor'kov, Jaroszynski, Palm, Riggs, Tozer, Yang)
  • Coexistence of superconductivity, magnetism, and FFLO states (Balicas, Baumbach, Choi, Hannahs, Murphy, Palm, Schlottmann, Tozer, Yang)
  • Vortex matter (Balicas, Boebinger, Dobrosavljevic, Popovic)
  • Quantum criticality near a superconductor-insulator transition (Dobrosavljevic, Popovic)
  • Hidden Order and Superconductivity (URu2Si2) (Balicas, Baumbach, Riggs)

Low-dimensional Electronic Structures

  • Quantum Hall Effect, bubble and stripe phases (Bonesteel, Dobrosavljevic, Engel, Manousakis, Suslov, Yang)
  • Electron interaction in carbon nanotubes and reduced-dimensional semiconductors (Engel, Li, Popovic, Smirnov)
  • Luttinger Liquids and Quantum Hall Edge States (Yang)
  • Topological insulators (quantum Hall effect, etc.) (Boebinger, Dobrosavljevic, Li, Vafek, Yang)
  • Heterostructures of two-dimensional materials, e.g., graphite/graphene, boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides (Balicas, Li)
  • Raman, optical and photoconducting properties of two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures (Balicas, Li, Smirnov)

Quantum Information Technology

  • Pfaffian (Moore-Read) states and non-Abelian statistics (Bonesteel, Yang)
  • Topological Quantum Computation (Bonesteel)
  • Superconducting and spin-based qubits (Bonesteel, Chiorescu)

Quantum Magnetism

  • Quantum Criticality in heavy fermion systems (Balicas, Baumbach, Boebinger, Dobrosavljevic, Palm, Schlottmann, Tozer, Yang)
  • Metamagnetic behavior (Balicas, Palm, Schlottmann, Tozer)
  • Frustrated magnetism (Balicas, Choi, Hannahs, Manousakis, Reyes)
  • Magnetization dynamics in low dimensional systems (Hannahs, Reyes, Rikvold)
  • Disordered quantum magnetism and Griffiths phases (Balicas, Bonesteel, Dobrosavljevic, Yang)
  • Ferromagnetic Quantum Phase Transitions (Baumbach, Yang)
  • Multiferroicity and magnetoelectric effect (Choi)

Last modified on 06 October 2022