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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Safety Training & Resources

The MagLab has a comprehensive set of safety programs designed to ensure the safest possible conditions for faculty, staff, users and visitors.

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Integrated Safety Management

The MagLab uses Integrated Safety Management (ISM) as a process to ensure safe, quality work. Training is required for all staff, faculty and users, as well as for long-term visitors.

To find out which trainings are required for you, MagLab faculty and staff should check with their departmental coordinator, and users and visitors should consult with the appropriate facility director.

Our training slideshows provide visiting scientists and staff with an introduction to our Environmental Health and Safety Program and the hazards encountered at the laboratory. You can preview the safety training by clicking on the links below, but you must login to the Online Learning System to take the required training course. For more information contact Ashleigh Bolstridge (Safety Coordinator) at (850) 645-0777, Megan Sandy (EH&S Director) at (850) 644-7687, Christopher Rodman at (850) 510-8581, or Alfie Brown at (850) 274-1136.

If injured while conducting research here at the lab, users should call 911 in the event of an emergency. Non-emergency medical care can be handled at a local walk-in clinic such as Patients First. The closest Patients First is located at 505 Appleyard Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310 (see directions).

All visitors, outside users, contractors and their sub-contractors, and other non-NHMFL employed personnel who are on-site must understand that medical care expenses must be covered either by their current employer, personal medical coverage or payment at the time of service. All injuries should be reported to the NHMFL Safety Department at 850-644-6955, or 855-SAFEMAG (after normal business hours).


Safety Committee

The MagLab Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss updates to safety programs and procedures, safety concerns, and actions taken or proposed to mitigate hazards associated with those concerns and planning. The committee includes members from the lab’s sites at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Florida to allow for better coordination and collaboration of safety concerns and lessons learned.

Lock/Tag Verification Committee

The committee reviews and updates the MagLab’s Lock/Tag/Verification (LTV) Program as needed and addresses concerns and issues related to the LTV Program throughout the year. The committee worked to update the Safety Clearance User Database (SCUD).

Cryogen Safety Committee

The committee reviews and updates the Cryogen Safety Program. Recent updates include oxygen deficient atmosphere assessments in locations that cryogens are used, inspections of ODH sensor systems, and Dewar pressure relief inspections.

Laser Safety Committee

The committee reviews laser safety at the MagLab. A subcommittee reviews laser safety procedures and training requirements for laser users.

Policies and Procedures

Follow these links for more information on our safety policies and procedures:

For more information about user training, please contact Megan Sandy (EH&S Director), Christopher Rodman, Alfie Brown, Ashleigh Bolstridge or the applicable facility director/staff member.


For detailed instructions on how to handle hazardous materials, please refer to the Safety Data Sheets.

Online Safety Training

Go to online safety training

Report a near miss (SAFEMAG)

Use the MagLab's Near Miss System to report any safety concern, no matter how small.

Hazardous Waste

Last modified on 17 April 2024