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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

User Resources

Users inserting probe into SM2

Every year about 2,000 researchers use our facilities and publish more than 400 peer-reviewed studies.

Researchers from around the globe conduct experiments at our lab every year.

See our User Institution Map.

Whether looking to become a new user, or returning to the lab for a new experiment, we offer a wide array of resources to help users, including a deeply experienced support staff, customized tools, training, financial support, housing assistance and more.

Bulletin Board

  • Complete your feedback survey after each of your experiments.

Do Research on the World's strongest Magnets

NMR User looking at data on the 900Mhz MRI magnet

Planning your Experiment

Whether this is your first time considering high magnetic fields or you are thinking about your next experiment, we are here to help you make the most of your magnet time. 

User analyzing data coming in from the 36 Tesla Series Connected Hybrid

Requesting Magnet Time

Want to use high magnetic fields to elevate your research? The National MagLab provides access to the world’s highest field magnets free of charge to researchers from across scientific disciplines. 

User running an experiment on the 9.4 Tesla FT-ICR MS

Doing your Experiment

Have magnet time scheduled? Whether you plan to conduct your research on-site at one of the National MagLab’s three sites or online as a virtual user, these are the details you need to know.

User Resources Quick Links

Magnet Schedule

Who has magnet time? Find and filter the magnet schedule for all seven user facilities.

Experimental Support

Meet the teams here to support user experiments including cryogenics, electronics, instruments, safety, and more.

User Safety

Safety is a core value at the lab. We work with users to ensure magnet time is safe and scientifically productive.

User Committee

The User Committee advises MagLab leadership on matters of importance to the lab's large and diverse user community.

Meet the user

Meet Jiaqi Cai, researcher from the University of Washington, and learn more about how the MagLab's DC Field magnets help him explore topological materials. 

Want to make your own discoveries in high magnetic fields? Apply for magnet time. 

How to Request Magnet Time

Our magnets are open to all scientists - for free - via a competitive process and we accept proposals through out the year.

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Prepare documentation

A proposal and prior results report are required.

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Create a user profile

New user registration, returning users simply need to log in.

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Submit a request online

Upload files and provide details about the proposed experiment.

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Report your results

After your work is completed, you are asked to report to the laboratory, in a timely manner.

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Find the Perfect Magnet
for your Research

Search our magnets by field strength, bore size, and even technique.