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Condensed Matter Science

Scientist manipulating a material for sampling

Scientists in the Condensed Matter Group include theory and experimental physicists who concentrate on various aspects of condensed matter physics.

These including magnetism, the quantum Hall effect, quantum oscillations, high-temperature superconductivity and heavy fermion systems. Go to our Research Areas page for a complete list of the group's research interests.

Group members directly support the user program and conduct fruitful collaborations with visiting scientists. Many supervise graduate students, introducing them to the professional world of research in high magnetic fields and helping to shape their careers.

The branches of the MagLab at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Florida also maintain very active research programs and user activities in theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics. Distinguished faculty at both campuses collaborate with scientists at other MagLab sites.

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Condensed Matter Seminars

The MagLab’s Condensed Matter Science Group hosts regular seminars featuring the work of visiting scientists. All seminars are open to the public and take place in Room B101 of the MagLab. View seminar events.

Latest Condensed Matter Science Highlight

Calorimetrically determined magnetic phase diagram for Ba3CoSb2O9 for in-plane magnetic field (H ∥ a).

Quantum Fluctuations Induce Stable Magnetic Arrangements in Layered Materials

Using high magnetic fields and low temperatures, scientists were able to observe a complex set of quantum fluctuations in a Barium, Cobalt, Antimony and Oxygen compound that can cause ordered magnetic states upon application of a magnetic field, including an unusual tetracritical point in the phase diagram where four of the magnetic phases come together at a single point.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Theory Winter School

The CMS group hosts a Theory Winter School in early January every year. The program primarily targets advanced graduate students and post-docs who may apply from any institution, worldwide. Student will also be invited to present posters, and their expenses will be partially covered by the MagLab, the major sponsor of this Winter School. View Theory Winter School Event.

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Key Contacts

Oskar Vafek

Department Director

For information regarding the facility's capabilities and experiment support.

Aisha Qureshi

Group Administrator

For information regarding the Condensed Matter group.