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The National MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Magnet Academy

Explore the world of electricity and magnetism.

We've got videos, hands-on activities, games and more, this site answers your questions about all things electric and magnetic.

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Eddy currents thumbnail

Eddy Currents

This cool trick appears to defy gravity and time, but is instead another demonstration of the awesome powers of electromagnetism.

Capacitor thumbnail

How Capacitors Work

Capacitors can store electrical energy and discharge it quickly, powering things like flash bulbs and starter motors.

Spanish language version available.

DC motor thumbnail

How DC Motors Work

DC motors make things like appliances and power tools work by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. Find out how.

The Fun Starts Here

What is a magnet?

Something with a south pole and a north pole that produces a magnetic field.

The Earth is a magnet and so are the things stuck to your fridge. Electric motors and speakers are magnets too!

Illustration of magnetic field

Read this rundown of magnet types, uses and strengths to make magnet facts stick.

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Magnetic field lines

See the invisible magnetic fields at work inside one of the MagLab’s powerful electromagnets.

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making electromagnet

Make your own electromagnet at home!

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What is superconductor?

A material that conducts electricity with no loss.

MRI machines and maglev trains use superconductors. Super cool!/


Superconductivity super explained.

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Heike Kamerlingh Onnes

Meet the pioneering physicist who first observed the phenomenon of superconductivity.

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puzzle thumbnail

Put the pieces of these stunning superconducting puzzles together.

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What is an MRI?

A medical machine that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to help doctors see inside their patients.

MRI thumbnail

Magnetic resonance imaging explained .

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MRI thumbnail

See the invisible forces inside an MRI that create pictures of the inside of our bodies.

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vegetable in MRI

What would fruits & veggies look like imaged by a powerful MRI magnet? Play this game to see.

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What are mass spectrometers?

Powerful scientific instruments used to weigh molecules.

These machines give scientists a look at the composition and origin of a material by analyzing and quantifying its atoms and molecules.

spectrometry thumbnail

Stories of spectrometry.

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mass spectrometry dual sector

How does a mass spectrometer work? This interactive tutorial .

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Amazing haze thumbnail

Shimmy into your space suit and see how mass specs are used to measure out of this world samples including Saturn’s moon.

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Featured Content

A boy in a brain cerebrum hat

Brain Cerebrum Hat

What’s going on inside that brain of yours? Learn more about your brain, its parts and what they do, by building a brain Cerebrum hat!

Compare oobleck and butter slime

Shapeshifting Slime

It’s slime time! Use the recipes below to make your own ooey gooey slime and explore its shapeshifting states of matter.

Numbers and dice for luck and logic game

Luck and Logic

Ready to use some math skills in a fun game that tests your understanding of probabilities? You’ll need lots of logic and a little luck to win the game. Play against yourself or find a friend to challenge.

Learn About the MagLab

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is home to the world's strongest magnet. Researchers from around the world use our instruments to do important dicoveries here.