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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Science Highlights

These monthly highlights, selected by MagLab Director Greg Boebinger, represent the most promising and cutting-edge research underway in the lab’s seven user facilities.

Residual specific heat vs inverse magnetic field (H−1) at T=0.58K and Φ=45°.

June 20, 2024

Magneto-Quantum Oscillations Measured in Insulator Samarium Hexaboride

Topological materials are fascinating because they take the weirdness of quantum mechanics and turn it up a few notches to 11. The behavior of Samariu…


June 20, 2024

Creation of First Europium(II) Single Molecule Magnet

This study reports the first example of a europium single-molecule magnet – a molecule that can retain alignment of its ‘North’ and ‘South’ poles at l…


June 20, 2024

18O Water Used to Examine Metabolic Functions

Deuterated water (2H2O) is often used to examine metabolic pathways in humans and animals. However, it can cause toxicity and distort metabolic readin…

Improved mass resolution and signal-to-noise ratio in mass absorption mode mass spectra leads to more assigned chemical formulas within a complex fluid sample.   Reprinted from citation given below. © American Chemical Society.

May 15, 2024

ICR FAIR Data: MagLab Data Enhances Processing of Dissolved Organic Matter Mass Spectra

Combining new data with an existing MagLab dataset, researchers characterized the millions of unique chemicals found in our waterways, including both …

Left: Coil buckling at -0.4% strain Right: Measured hoop strain showed negligible degradation over 20,000 cycles.

May 15, 2024

Testing High-Field, High-Stress Conditions in Superconducting REBCO Coils

High-temperature superconducting test coils have been subjected to extreme combined loads from high, cyclic pressure and electro-magnetic forces to un…

The MagLab table at the inaugural North Florida Worlds of Work (WOW) Career Expo, October 20-21, 2023.

May 15, 2024

2023 North Florida Worlds of Work (WOW) Career Expo

The MagLab participated in North Florida's first "Worlds of Work" Career Expo event to expose high school students to the many high-demand, high-wage …

The Fermi surface of UTe2.

April 17, 2024

Quasi-2D Fermi Surface in the Anomalous Superconductor UTe2

At ultra-low temperatures in the 32T all superconducting magnet, MagLab users fully mapped out the Fermi surface of UTe2, learning more about how elec…

Left: The platinum group elements. Right: Study of a series of inorganic and organometallic compounds.

April 17, 2024

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Platinum Group Elements with 103Rh Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Rhodium (Rh) is one of the most costly and scarce platinum group elements; however, it is of great importance in many technologies including catalytic…

Mass spectrum of the initial sample extracted in methanol, with mass-scale zoom inset at m/z 536.

March 27, 2024

Evolution of the Molecules of Life on Distant Planets

The 21T FT-ICR MS instrument enables the molecular characterization of atmospheric hazes - like that on Saturn’s moon, Titan - and water vapor to bett…

(Left) Schematic cross section and field map of the Bi-2212 coil. (Right) The improvement of Bi-2212 current density.

March 27, 2024

An R&D Milestone for Bi-2212 High Temperature Superconducting Magnets

High temperature superconducting magnets offer tremendous potential for technological advancements and scientific discoveries, making them essential i…


February 26, 2024

Using 75T Pulsed Magnetic Fields to Detect Chern Pockets With Large Orbital Moments in CsV3Sb5

Pulsed magnetic fields of up to 75 T were applied at many different angles to a newly discovered metal, CsV3Sb5, in temperatures down to 0.5 K. Unusua…

Left: Rendering of the nanocalorimeter wire-bonded to a printed circuit board mounted in a vacuum cell (shown without its lid).  Right: A photograph of the extremely small indium sample (dark rectangle in the middle of the image) mounted on the calorimeter.

January 23, 2024

Thermal Impedance Spectroscopy: A New Tool to Study Thermodynamics of Materials

This work demonstrates how heat is transmitted through elemental indium using thermal impedance spectroscopy. Spanning 5 orders of magnitude in freque…

(a) Average crystal structure of Na2Co2TeO6 with each Na site 2/3 occupied; Te and O atoms have been omitted for clarity. (b) Representative structure showing Na-occupation disorder,

January 18, 2024

Disorder-Enriched Magnetic Excitations in a Heisenberg-Kitaev Quantum Magnet, Na2Co2TeO6

Studying a mysterious magnetic material (Na2Co2TeO6) that could be used in future quantum computing schemes, researchers revealed the crucial role mic…

Schematic representation of the phosphonoglycans that decorate the slime proteins

December 15, 2023

Inside Velvet Worm Slime: Rare Protein Modification for Fast Fiber Formation

A protein modification rarely found in terrestrial animals was discovered in the slime of the velvet worm. This slime, which is projected for prey cap…

Fully assembled Dual Rig for Pancake Module Testing and Cross section of a double layer pancake module

December 15, 2023

Quality Assurance Testing for High Temperature Superconducting Modules

A test protocol has been developed and successfully demonstrated the ability to evaluate the performance of a large percentage of tape in a REBCO-woun…

a. Schematic illustration of a 1T′-WS2 device and the rotation experiment setup. b. Magnetic field dependence of the normalized resistance of the 1T′-WS2 device at T = 0.33 K with different in-plane rotation angles φ. c. The φ-dependence of the upper critical field. The green dashed line indicates the Pauli limit.

November 16, 2023

Ultrahigh Supercurrent Density in a Two-Dimensional Topological Material

Research on a tungsten disulfide material (1T’-WS2) reveals a superconducting state that is able to carry an incredibly large amount of current within…

Representative DBP molecular formula identifications for a molecule that contains (a) one chlorine atoms. Confident assignment requires the ultrahigh mass resolving power and mass accuracy provided by 21T FT-ICR MS.

November 16, 2023

Scouring Drinking Water for Disinfection Byproducts

Identification of toxic compounds in drinking water formed through disinfection reveals more than 3500 toxic, chlorinated species that can only be obs…

Effectiveness factor of nanoporous gold catalysts exhibiting different shapes and characteristic lengths (L).

October 18, 2023

CO Oxidation and Mass Transport in Nanoporous Gold using Pulsed Field Gradient NMR

For the first time, NMR diffusion measurements have been successfully used in a metallic catalyst, examining gas exchange rates in nanoporous gold. Th…

Physical properties of the the spin liquid compound with spins on a honeycomb lattice, Na2Co2TeO6

October 18, 2023

Potential Spin Liquid System Explored with Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Scientists investigated a magnetic compound, identifying a possible spin liquid phase in a quantum material that may be a candidate for robust quantum…

Left: Magnetic torque vs magnetic field, Right: A 0.4mm long sample mounted on a piezoresistive torque magnetometer.

September 11, 2023

Nontrivial topology in a Kagome superconductor

Kagome is the name given to the traditional Japanese star-like pattern to form baskets. The same geometric pattern can be found in the crystal structu…

17O is now added to the NMR toolkit, along with 1H, 13C and 15N, to characterize biomolecules like peptides, proteins, and enzymes.

September 11, 2023

Integration of 17O into the Biomolecular Toolkit

Combining high magnetic fields, specialized probes, and measurement techniques, this work adds the crucial 17O nucleus into the study of biomolecules …

Overview of the accessibility needs for scientific research in a large-scale user facility like the MagLab.

September 11, 2023

Cybersecurity in a Large-Scale Research Facility: The MagLab’s Approach

A specialized cybersecurity approach was developed to meet the needs of a user research facility.


August 11, 2023

Terahertz EPR Spectroscopy in the High-Homogeneity 36T Series-Connected Hybrid Magnet

New instrumentation allows electron magnetic resonance experiments to be performed in the lab’s flagship 36 T Series-Connected Hybrid magnet, unlockin…

A cross-section of the Teo test coil made from Bi-2212 round wire.

August 11, 2023

Bi-2212 High-Temperature Superconducting Test Coils up to 34T

High magnetic fields are essential for many exciting scientific and industrial applications including next-generation MRI, particle accelerators, fusi…


August 11, 2023

MagLab at the 2023 Aspire Summer Institute

The MagLab Mentoring Director was invited to serve as a facilitator for the 2023 Aspire Summer Institute, a workshop that trains faculty and leaders f…

Atomic structure of SrCu2(BO3)2

July 14, 2023

Magnetoelastic interactions in the spin-dimer compound SrCu2(BO3)2

Studying a famous Spin-dimer compound, researchers made the first dynamic measurements via Raman spectroscopy up to 45T that provide a direct correlat…

(A) Broadband 21 T FT-ICR mass spectrum of Suwanee River Fulvic Acid, a Natural Organic Matter reference standard.  (B) Mass-scale zoom inset that highlights the need for resolving power sufficient to separate species

July 14, 2023

Highest-Magnetic-Field Ion Cyclotron Resonance Reveals Hidden Complexity of Natural Organic Matter

The 21 T FT-ICR mass spectrometer identified four times the number of species in natural organic matter than lower magnetic field systems, providing a…


June 14, 2023

Tuning Topological Properties of TaSe3 Using Strain

The electrical resistance of ring-shaped TaSe3 devices was measured in magnetic fields of up to 60 T and at temperatures down to 0.6 K. High-field exp…

A variety of factors such as sex, strain, anesthesia, magnetic field strength, and breathing rate can affect the results of an fMRI scan. Image reprinted from original citation

June 14, 2023

AMRIS FAIR Data: Standardizing Rat Brain Imaging Datasets

Datasets of rat brain imaging can be difficult to compare due to the different conditions used to collect them. The Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imagin…

Receptor proteins respond differently to drugs depending on the environment in which they are studied.

May 24, 2023

Different Protein Receptor Responses Resulting from Different Membrane Environments

Special protein-coupled receptors play a role in nearly all physiological responses and are targets for more than 1/3 of all FDA-approved drugs. State…

An atomic-resolution, high-angle annular dark-field image of an aged sample showing uniformly distributed Cr precipitates (dark contrast in main image.

May 24, 2023

High strength Copper-Chromium-Zirconium conductors for pulsed magnets

MagLab researchers developed a way to make a Copper-Chromium-Zirconium conductor for pulsed magnets that has tiny particles evenly distributed through…

MagLab SciGirls group photo with MagLab educator, Carlos Villa (back row on the right).

May 24, 2023

"Research Worth Reading" National Award

A MagLab educational researcher was presented The National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) 2023 Research Worth Reading award. Thi…

Experimental setup using the 25T Split-Helix magnet and the multidimensional optical nonlinear spectrometer (MONSTR).

April 24, 2023

Magnetic Field Driven Coherent Coupling of Bright and Dark Excitons

Probing one of the prominent classes of atomically-thin materials, the transition metal dichalcogenides, researchers found that while dark excitons ar…

Dimer formation of α-D-glucose molecules in the crystal lattice of  D-glucose/NaCl (1:1) co-crystal.

April 24, 2023

Solid-State 17O NMR for Studies of Organic and Biological Molecules

Chemists are rarely able to use oxygen NMR to determine molecular structures, since 17O is an extremely challenging nucleus to observe. This work prov…

The illustration shows a cross section of a hexagonal nanochannel.

March 13, 2023

Luttinger Liquid Behavior of 3He Atoms

Using the NMR techniques and ultra-low temperature facilities at the MagLab, atoms of a pure isotope of helium showed experimental signs of the Luttin…

(a) A cross section view of a Bi-2212 superconducting round wire (b) a closeup of some of the bundles from the same cross section.

March 13, 2023

Twisted Multifilament Round Wires for Reduction of Magnetization Losses

New work on round wires made with Bi-2212, a superconducting material, feature efficiency and performance that could enable the next generation of pow…

X-ray crystal structure of normal (KRAS4B)

February 17, 2023

Mapping the KRAS Proteoform in Colorectal Cancer

Researchers used the MagLab to produce the first clarified map of KRAS proteins in colon cancer tumors. Twenty-eight additional forms of the KRAS prot…


February 17, 2023

Ultrafast THz Spectroscopy in Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Using pulses of far-infrared light and large magnetic fields, we directly measured the cyclotron resonance of charge carriers in a high-temperature su…

Calorimetrically determined magnetic phase diagram for Ba3CoSb2O9 for in-plane magnetic field (H ∥ a).

January 23, 2023

Quantum Fluctuations Induce Stable Magnetic Arrangements in Layered Materials

Using high magnetic fields and low temperatures, scientists were able to observe a complex set of quantum fluctuations in a Barium, Cobalt, Antimony a…

Left: Magnetic field-swept pulsed electron echo-detected (ED) spectrum of a reactive, short-lived state of Mn/Fe R2lox after binding oxygen. Right: Detailed structure of the “R2lox” metalloprotein

January 23, 2023

Tuberculosis Metalloproteins Probed With High-Field Electron Magnetic Resonance

High-magnetic-field time-resolved electron magnetic resonance was used to probe the unusual manganese/iron complex that is believed to play a role in …

The colored regions of the protein in the above schematic were revealed to be interacting with the polymer

December 12, 2022

Atomic-Level Insights into How Polymers Improve Protein Therapeutics

Using NMR, researchers determined a molecular model of a protein-polymer conjugate, providing new insights into how polymers can be used to make prote…

Voltages recorded from a protective quench from the upper-most 9 modules in the outer coil

December 12, 2022

"Resistive Insulation" Test Coil for Future 40T All-Superconducting Magnet

A 19 T high-field magnet made with REBCO high-temperature superconductor, but without electrical insulation, was tested to see if it is a viable desig…

Left: A zeolite micropore and pair of active sites. Right: The signal-to-noise and spectral resolution in 17O NMR spectra is significantly enhanced at higher magnetic fields.

November 14, 2022

17O Labeling Reveals Paired Active Sites in Zeolite Catalysts

Zeolite catalysts are critical to generating the molecules that provide the building blocks of society’s energy and materials needs. Discerning a clea…

BCS (left) refers to a conventional Bardeen-Schrieffer-Cooper state (i.e. weak pairing state) found in most superconductors, while BEC (right) refers to the strong pairing limit of a Bose-Einstein Condensate.

November 14, 2022

Magic Gap Ratio at the "BCS Superconducting to Bose-Einstein Condensate" Crossover in the High-Tc Cuprates

A defining experimental signature of a crossover in the strength of the pairing interactions from the weak coupling BCS to the strong coupling Bose-Ei…

Fermi surfaces calculated from angle dependent magnetoresistance (ADMR) data (left) inside the pseudogap phase at p=0.21, showing four small pockets (resembling those that would be created by antiferromagnetism) and (right) outside the pseudogap phase at p=0.24, showing the single large pocket of a simple metal.

October 18, 2022

Fermi Surface Transforms at the Onset of the Pseudogap State in a Cuprate Superconductor

In high-temperature superconductors, a region exists between the superconducting and normal states known as the pseudogap state. Using the 45T hybrid …

Coal tar pavement sealant contains 50,000 to 75,000 ppm of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Weathering by sunlight and rain can contaminate natural waterways through oxidation of the PAHs contained in the pavement sealant.

October 18, 2022

Pavement Sealant Leaches Environmental Contaminants

New research shows that high concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) found in coal tar pavement sealants are oxidized into toxic, wa…

Pulsed electron spin-echo spectra recorded at 94GHz and 5K, for the three compounds shown.

September 12, 2022

A Quantum Development: Massive Hyperfine Interaction in a Lu(II) Qubit

Electron spin coherence was enhanced through engineering of so-called clock transitions in molecular magnets, an advance in quantum computing strategi…

Diffusion MR microscopy of a sea slug neuron at 7.8 μM resolution (left) The cellular structures can also be identified using 40X traditional light microscopy (right).

September 12, 2022

Mystery of the Origin of MRI Signal in Stroke Solved

MRI scans taken after a stroke show brightness around the injury, the origins of which have been a long-standing and vexatious mystery for scientists.…

A Conductor on Round Core

September 12, 2022

High Temperature Superconducting CORC® Cabling Technology

Large superconducting magnets need multi-conductor cables, which act like multi-lane freeways to allow electricity to switch lanes if one gets blocked…

A schematic model for the hydrated phospholipid bilayer, which is a model of biological membranes.

August 15, 2022

Finding Water Molecules with Important Biological Activity

A new 17O solid-state NMR technique, employed on the highest-field NMR spectrometer in the world (the 36 T Series Connected Hybrid), identifies water …

Electron microscope images of Glidcop® conductor

August 15, 2022

Studying the Microstructure of Glidcop® AL-60 Conductor

The MagLab's ultrahigh-field pulsed magnets require materials with both high mechanical strength and high electrical conductivity. One of these materi…

Sketch of the two fluids in YbB12 showing their densities of states

July 18, 2022

Unconventional Charge Transport in Kondo insulator YbB12

Three complementary measurements in intense magnetic fields shed light on a very unusual material that behaves like a metal, but does not conduct elec…

Network diagram suggesting the presence of sulfur-containing (black) PFAS chemicals with a range of perfluoroalkyl (CF2, blue) and ethoxy (C2H4O, orange) chain lengths.

July 18, 2022

A Deep Dive Into Forever Chemical Dark Matter

Using the world's most powerful mass spectrometer, scientists have developed a new method to profile complex PFAS mixtures at the molecular level, fac…

Carlos R. Villa

June 21, 2022

MagLab Educator Wins Tallahassee Scientific Society Gold Medal Award

MagLab K-12 educator Carlos R. Villa is awarded Gold Medal from Tallahassee Scientific Society. 

Three different measurement configurations for which one can realize nonreciprocity in Ni3TeO6

June 17, 2022

One-way Optical Transparency at Telecommunications Wavelengths

Generally, light transmission is symmetrical - it's the same if you shine a light through a material forward or backwards. Using powerful pulsed field…

The NMR experiments revealed that formation of the liquid and hydrogel states of FUS is controlled by phosphorylation and stabilized by hydrogen bonding among a core region of 57 amino acids.

June 17, 2022

NMR FAIR Data: Phase-Separation Properties of an RNA-Binding Protein

Evolutionary biologists reused FAIR data generated at the MagLab's NMR facility to model an RNA-binding protein in mammals dating back 160 million yea…


May 16, 2022

Vibronic Coupling in a Molecular Magnet

Using far-infared magnetospectroscopy in high magnetic fields, scientists probed coupled electronic and vibrational modes in a molecular magnet that a…

Peatland locations and sites tested

May 16, 2022

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide from Peat Wetland Ecosystems

Understanding the organic composition of peat wetland soils can determine whether the carbon sources may be converted into carbon dioxide gas, work th…

Florida A&M University undergraduate students

May 16, 2022

Magnetic Momentum Scholars Program: Diversifying Innovation in STEM

This new MagLab program pairs Florida A&M University undergraduate students with MagLab STEM mentors for a rotational internship experience that e…

The protein tryptophan synthase showing the active site (red) with hydrogen atoms.

April 19, 2022

Imaging Enzyme Active Site Chemistry Using Multiple Fields up to 35.2T

This new technique for mapping out atom placements in the active site of enzymes could unlock the potential for finding new therapeutics.

Attendees at the historic workshop held at Tufts University in March 2022.

April 19, 2022

Addressing Supply Chain Challenges for Advanced Superconductors

The start of a sustainable business model for manufacturing advanced superconductors was established by a panel of industry leaders, university facult…

Schematic of excitons forming between two graphene layers. Schematic of excitons forming between two graphene layers

March 11, 2022

Crossover Between Coupling Regimes

Theory predicted that the transition between the superconducting and superfluid regimes should be continuous for electrons and holes in solid material…

The Human Proteoform Project separates cell types found in blood.

March 11, 2022

The Blood Proteoform Atlas: A reference map of proteoforms in human blood cells

A new Blood Proteoform Atlas maps 30,000 unique proteoforms as they appear in 21 different cell types found in human blood. The MagLab's 21 tesla FT-I…

The six-carbon benzene ring (highlighted in green) is stabilized via the surrounding rigid ligand scaffold, with the pair of metal ions (M = Y or Gd) above and below, further promoting the magnetic (triplet) ground state. The delocalized nature (aromaticity) of the unpaired electrons manifests as an equalization of the carbon-carbon bond lengths (right), resulting in an undistorted ring structure

February 09, 2022

Isolation of a Triplet Benzene Dianion

High-magnetic-field, high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance demonstrates how coordination chemistry can be leveraged to stabilize a desired el…

The data show that when light creates an “exciton” in the WSe2, it interacts simultaneously with not just one but multiple reservoirs of electrons, each with a different set of spin (up or down) and momentum (+K or –K) degrees of freedom.

February 09, 2022

New Correlated Quasiparticles in an Atomically-Thin Semiconductor

A new class of correlated quasiparticle states discovered in a multi-valley semiconductor using optical absorption measurements in pulsed magnetic fie…

X-ray source (green arrow) with evacuated X-ray beam tunnel (blue arrow) leading to the two-meter-tall 25T Florida Split Helix Magnet (red arrow).

January 25, 2022

Magnetostriction in AlFe2B2 at 25 T Measured by X-Ray Diffraction

Using X-ray diffraction, scientists can now detect atoms themselves moving further apart or closer together in high magnetic fields, giving science a …

Structural model of fungal cell walls supported by extensive solid-state NMR data.

January 25, 2022

Understanding How Fungi Build Their Cell Walls for Protection

Scientists have used high-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to reveal how fungal pathogens use carbohydrates and proteins to build their cell wal…

A quantum phase transition detected using pulsed fields. On one side of the transition (purple curve) the Hall resistivity grows steeply with field, once the linear regime has been accessed in high magnetic fields; on the other side (red curve), the increase is slower. Inset: the quantum phase transition is evidenced by the steep jump with increasing electron concentration in data from a dozen samples.

December 13, 2021

Clues About Unconventional Superconductivity From High-Field Hall Data

In everyday life, phase transitions - like when water boils and turns into steam or freezes and becomes ice -  are caused by changes in temperature. H…

(a) Layer structure of the epitaxial nitride heterostructure. (b) High-resolution transmission electron microscopy image of the semiconductor /superconductor interface.

November 22, 2021

New Quantum Tricks in Nitride Materials

Gallium nitride (GaN) and Niobium nitride (NbN) are widely used in today's technologies: GaN is used to make blue LEDs and high-frequency transistors …

Bright field STEM cross-section images of Nb3Sn films produced using (a) the newly-discovered hot bronze method and (b) the post-reaction method.

November 22, 2021

Novel "Hot-Bronze" Nb3Sn for Compact Accelerators

A new "hot bronze" thin film growth recipe was developed to produce high quality superconducting Niobium-Tin (Nb3Sn) films that are easier to fabricat…

Sunlight breaks down plastics, creating thousands of compounds whose environmental impact is not understood.

October 25, 2021

Sunlight converts plastics into diverse chemical mixtures

Sunlight can chemically transform plastics from consumer plastic bags into complex chemical mixtures that leach into the ocean. Understanding the impa…

The magnetization is plateau-like above 31.5T. The inset shows part of the magnetic structure of atacamite in zero magnetic field

October 25, 2021

Unusual High-Field State Discovered in Mineral Atacamite

Scientists at the Pulsed Field Facility recently found that applying an intense magnetic field to the mineral atacamite (a "frustrated" quantum magnet…

Inverse pole figure maps (IPF) of a longitudinal cross section of an individual Bi-2212 filament in the highest Jc sample. The dominance of green indicates a strong a-axis alignment.

October 25, 2021

Resilient Bi-2212 Round Wire

Researchers studied the mechanics of supercurrent flow in state-of-the-art Bi-2212 superconducting round wires and learned that the microstructure of …

In a magnetic field (red arrow), electrons, shown schematically in blue, move in orbits.

September 22, 2021

Linear-In Temperature Resistivity From Isotropic Planckian Scattering Rate

Electrons in metals behave like chaotic bumper cars, crashing into each other at every opportunity. While they may be reckless drivers, this result de…

Epidural electrode grid C3–C5 with three bipolar (A1, A2, and A3) and three monopolar configurations (B1, B2, and B3); actual wire width is 25 µm.

September 22, 2021

Restoration of Breathing After Drug Overdose and Spinal Cord Injuries

Respiratory insufficiency is a leading cause of death due to drug overdose or spinal cord injuries. The diaphragm can be stimulated using temporal int…

Electron micrograph of the cross sections of three Bi-2212 round wires with widely varying critical current densities (Jc) showing their a-axis grain alignments.

September 22, 2021

Advanced Microscopy for Better Nanostructural Insights in Bi-2212 Round Wires

Researchers working to push the high temperature superconducting material (Bi-2212) to the forefront of superconducting magnet technology have used no…

CARE students Devon and Tajari were the first students to finish building their wind turbines during an activity on generators and renewable energy.

September 22, 2021

Engaging Underrepresented Youth Through Camp TESLA

Incorporating Camp TESLA curriculum into a College Reach-Out Program (CROP) helped expose diverse students to hands-on MagLab STEM activities. 

Measurements of the oxygen-17 spectra as a function of magnetic field at a temperature of 5K, are shown above to be independent of field for the O(2) apical site.

August 20, 2021

First Spin Coherence Measurements in the MagLab's 32T Superconducting Magnet

The MagLab's 32 T all-superconducting magnet is now serving users at full field. An early experiment in the magnet identified an important milestone o…

Left: E-I curves of the CORC cable at various magnetic fields. Right: Critical current versus magnetic field. The dash line is a fit to the critical current: Ic~B-0.52.

August 20, 2021

Testing REBCO Critical Current Using a Superconducting Transformer

A new device enables the testing of superconducting cables to high current without the high helium consumption associated with traditional current lea…

Drawing of observing the shape of the tuning fork resonance curve.

July 22, 2021

New High-Magnetic-Field Thermometers for Sub-Millikelvin Temperatures

This highlight focuses on the development of new thermometry required to study quantum materials and phenomena in high magnetic fields and at ultralow…

The HypRes experiment, along with plots of 1H polarization for bulk (blue) and core (red) spins.

July 22, 2021

A New Method for Understanding Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

A new method to study how the nuclei of atoms “communicate” with one another in the presence of unpaired electron spins has been developed at the MagL…

Normalized transmission through a BiFeO3 crystal with the magnetic field.

June 23, 2021

Magnetoelastic Coupling in the Multiferroic BiFeO3

High-resolution electron magnetic resonance studies of the spin-wave spectrum in the high-field phase of the multiferroic Bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) rev…

Map of the drainage basins of six Arctic rivers, with water sampling points shown in red

June 23, 2021

Makeup of Dissolved Organic Matter in Arctic Rivers

Researchers share new insights on the role of seasonality in dissolved organic matter (DOM) composition in large Arctic rivers. Researchers share new …

Novel unique molecular forms of proteins - aka proteoforms - were discovered in cancer cells when researchers reanalyzed data from the ICR facility's 21T FT-ICR instrument (right) with new software (left; figure adapted from Wenrong Chen and Xiaowen Liu. Proteoform Identification by Combining RNA-Seq and Top-Down Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Proteome Research, 2021, vol. 20, pp. 261-269)

June 10, 2021

ICR FAIR Data: Improves Understanding of Protein Fragmentation

Reuse of the MagLab's Ion Cyclotron Resonance facility data improved understanding of protein fragmentation and aided the design and release of new al…

Schematic of the co-existence of antiferromagnetism and spin glass orders in FeXNbS2

May 28, 2021

Exchange Bias Between Coexisting Antiferromagnetic and Spin-Glass Orders

A pane of window glass and a piece of quartz are both are transparent to light, but their atomic structure is very different. Quartz is crystalline at…

The representative stacked spectra in each set are from metabolic stages of pupae during the dormancy period: A) interbout of metabolic arousal (IBA), B) early metabolic depression, and C) late metabolic depression.

May 28, 2021

HTS NMR Probe Tracks Metabolism Cycles During Insect Dormancy

An insect's ability to survive anaerobic conditions (without oxygen) during winter pupation occurs through periodic cycling of aerobic respiration pat…


April 28, 2021

Structure of Boron-Based Catalysts from 11B Solid-State NMR at 35.2T

Measurements performed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory provide unique insight into molecular structure of next-generation catalysts for…

75 tesla magnet

April 28, 2021

First Science from the 75T Duplex Magnet

Duplex magnets use two independent coils powered by capacitor banks to reduce the driven voltages and provide more design flexibility to maximize the …

Relative abundances of water-soluble oxygen-containing compounds, where Ox on the horizontal axis denotes the summed abundances of all compounds containing x oxygen atoms. Data are shown after 24, 72, and 168 hours of simulated sunlight irradiation of road asphalt binder.

March 29, 2021

Sunlight Produces Water-Soluble Chemicals from Asphalt

Road asphalt is made from aggregate (rocks) mixed with a "binder” from the residue remaining after extraction of gasoline and oils from petroleum crud…


March 26, 2021

Broadening Participation in DC Field Facility by Bridging a Research Infrastructure Gap

Researchers based at four-year colleges and universities outside of the Research-1 (R1) tier face more obstacles to performing research than their col…

Electron microscope image showing cracks in a conductor that was extracted from a damaged Nb3Sn coil that was part of a prototype 11T accelerator dipole magnet built at CERN.

March 26, 2021

Tracking the Potential for Damage in Nb3Sn Superconducting Coils from the Hardness of Surrounding Copper

High field superconductor magnets greater than 10 T made from brittle Nb3Sn superconducting wires need special attention to their assembly, strength a…

Molecular structure of the neutral Ni4(NPtBu3)4

February 11, 2021

Strong Magnetic Coupling in Molecular Magnets through Direct Metal-Metal Bonds

An exciting advance of interest to future molecular-scale information storage. By using the uniquely high frequency Electron Magnetic Resonance techni…


February 11, 2021

Ninety Teslas Peek Under the Superconducting Dome of a High-Temperature Superconductor

Physics does not yet know why copper-based superconductors (cuprates) conduct electrical current without dissipation at unprecedentedly high temperatu…

Left: Eddy current inspection of a long length precursor. Center: A chevron crack found by x-ray tomography

February 11, 2021

Special High-Strength Conductor Testing Improves Future Pulsed Magnet Lifespan

Three non-destructive testing methods are developed for inspection of high strength, high conductivity wires which are used to wind ultra-high field p…

(Left) 125Te spectral line and effective gamma with respect to magnetic field. Black circles are from the 36T Series Connected Hybrid while the pink diamonds are from the new HTS 32T magnet. (Right) Phase diagram for H//c highlighting the possible spin-nematic state. [PRB 94 064403 2016] Solid circles are from magnetostriction. Open circles from magnetostriction and thermal expansion. Open triangles from magnetization.

January 19, 2021

Probing a Purported Spin Nematic State Utilizing the World Record 32T All-Superconducting Magnet

Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements were performed in the all-new 32 T superconducting magnet in an effort to confirm a new quantum state. Results…

(Left) Schematic phase diagram of interacting 2D electrons or holes. (Right) Wigner crystallization appears as a reentrant insulating phase (RIP) in the magneto-resistance traces of 2D holes at low temperatures

January 19, 2021

Incipient Formation of Wigner Crystal in Strongly Interacting 2D Holes

This highlight reports on the still poorly understood transition to an electron crystalline state (the Wigner crystal) in a two-dimensional system at …

(Left) Reinforcement is co-wound between each pair of REBCO tapes. (Right) “Test Coil 0”, wound and instrumented just before being inserted into a 12T test bed magnet.

January 19, 2021

"Test Coil Zero" on the Path to 40T

A recent test coil with more than 1300 meters of conductor successfully demonstrated a new winding technique for insulated REBCO technology and was fa…

Left: Crystal structure of the (3,1) super-lattice. Right: Interface magnetic circular dichroic spectra

December 29, 2020

Spectroscopic Decomposition Reveals Mangetization Mechanism in Multiferrroic Lutetium Iron Oxide Superlattices

Using electric fields as a switch to control the magnetism of a material is one of the goals behind the study of multiferroics. This work explores the…

Overall hepatic metabolism is significantly altered by diet.

November 18, 2020

Using Magnetic Resonance to Probe Lipid Synthesis in Response to Ketogenic Diet

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and its progression to more serious diseases will become the main cause for liver transplant in the next 5 years. He…

Left: The tungsten di-selenide (WSe2) monolayer-on-fiber assembly used for optical absorption studies in 60 tesla magnetic fields., Right: Discrete jumps in the absorption indicate emptying and spontaneous filling of specific quantum states (the “valley”states).

November 18, 2020

Spontaneous "Valley Magnetization" in an Atomically-Thin Semiconductor

Interactions between electrons underpin some of the most interesting – and useful -- effects in materials science and condensed-matter physics. This w…


October 16, 2020

Prefractionation of Intact Proteins for Mass Spectrometry

Analysis of intact proteins using mass spectrometry is a difficult task that can be simplified by prefractionation, a process in which protein mixture…

The α-Mg3(HCOO)6 metal-organic framework that contains twelve unique oxygen sites.

October 16, 2020

Probing Metal Organic Frameworks with 17O NMR at 35.2 T

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are porous materials with high surface areas that can host a variety of different guest molecules, leading to applicat…

Left: “Hedgehog-like” Spin Structure  Resulting from Chirality, Center: The Chiral Structure of Tellurene, Right: Quantum Hall Effect in Tellurene, tuned by a Gate Voltage

October 06, 2020

Tunable Weyl Fermions in Chiral Tellurene in High Magnetic Fields

Topology, screws, spin and hedgehogs are words not normally found in the same scientific article but with the discovery of Weyl fermions in thin tellu…

Incident terahertz radiation pumps spin current into an adjacent metal, which is converted into a charge current and charge voltage through the so-called spin Hall effect.

October 06, 2020

Spin-Charge Interconversion at Near-Terahertz Frequencies

This work reports the first observation of the dynamical generation of a spin polarized current from an antiferromagnetic material into an adjacent no…

MagLab researcher Huan Chen talks to the director of K-12 educational programs during one of the Summer Exploration Series live sessions.

September 04, 2020

K-12 Camp COVID-19 Alternative: Summer Exploration Series

When COVID-19 eliminated the option for in-person camp experiences, the MagLab pivoted to offer a free virtual Summer Exploration Series instead.

Left: the phase diagram of La2-pSrpCuO4 in zero external magnetic field (B = 0) shows no obvious connection between the antiferromagnetic (AFM) glass and pseudogap phases. Right: at magnetic fields sufficiently strong that superconductivity is suppressed, the AFM glass actually extends to the critical doping, p*~0.19, of the pseudogap phase, thereby revealing a hitherto hidden connection between the two phases.

September 01, 2020

Hidden Magnetism Revealed in a Cuprate Superconductor

This research clarifies fundamental relationships between magnetism, superconductivity and the nature of the enigmatic “pseudogap state" in cuprate su…

Metabolism pathways of [2H7]glucose (green stars), with red dots marking the presence of 2H, and larger dots indicating two 2H atoms. Note that HDO (gold stars) can be produced at multiple steps in the glycolytic pathway.

September 01, 2020

Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Can Detect Cancer Metabolism

Magnetic resonance of cancer cell metabolism is a novel technique to discern between cancerous and normal liver cells, providing a promising approach …

High magnetic fields induce circular electronic motion (ring currents) around the chemical bond loops in non-magnetic aromatic molecules.

July 28, 2020

Inducing Magnetic Ring Currents in Non-Magnetic Aromatic Molecules

Magnetic induction is used in technology to convert an applied magnetic field into an electric current and vice versa. Nature also makes extensive use…

Measuring non-linear electric field.

July 28, 2020

Smart Non-Linear Transport Technique Expands the Frontier of Superconductor Research

Superconductors conduct large amounts of electricity without losses. They are also used to create very large magnetic fields, for example in MRI machi…

The Integrated Coil Form REBCO-based test coil is cable wound onto a specialized tube with helical grooves that match the cross-section of a multi-tape, stacked cable. Stainless steel ribs between turns help reinforce the coil against high magnetic loads. The figure on the right shows a transition from superconducting to resistive state at around 700A, independent of the ramp rate that ranges from 5A/s to 100A/s.

June 23, 2020

Integrated Coil Form Technology for Ultra High Magnetic Fields

Tests of the first Integrated Coil Form test coil wound using REBCO superconducting tape show promise for use in ultra powerful magnets of the future.

Phase diagram in DC fields of Mn(taa) in which the color scale is the electric polarization

June 01, 2020

Magnetoelectric Coupling at a Transition Between Two Spin States

Materials with magnetoelectric coupling - a combination of magnetic and electric properties - have potential applications in low-power magnetic sensin…

Red: Phosphatidylcholine O-36:2 Green: Sphingomyelin 40:1 Blue: Phosphatidylcholine 40:6

May 22, 2020

Ultrahigh Performance Molecular Imaging using the 21T ICR Magnet

Combining spatial imaging technology with ultrahigh performance FT-ICR mass spectrometry provides users with the unique ability to create tissue image…

(top) Schematic of the new silicon-mediated replacement of fluorine atoms, resulting in the magnetic building block molecule shown at upper right. (bottom) Frequency vs magnetic field plot from which the much stronger magnetism along the z-axis (the steeper red line) can be deduced for the molecule with spin S = 3/2 and “M” representing a Rhenium atom.

April 23, 2020

Molecular Magnetic Building Blocks

This study reports the first transition metal compounds featuring mixed fluoride–cyanide ligands. A significant enhancement of the magnetic anisotropy…

Cracks penetrate from the edge of REBCO tape (b) 120 microns after 250,000 fatigue cycles.

April 23, 2020

REBCO Fatigue Testing Shows Promise for Future Magnets

Tests of high-temperature superconducting REBCO tapes at 4.2 K showed resistance to cyclic loading, demonstrating that it is a promising material for …

Pie chart

April 23, 2020

Middle Schoolers Benefit from Long Term Research Experiences

Evaluation of the middle school mentorship program shows that students who participated in this 12 week program have increased confidence and interest…

Figure: (left) Raw quantum oscillation data as the applied magnetic field is tilted away from the a-axis. (right) Angular dependence of the three main orbits.

March 23, 2020

Exploring Topological Semimetals in High Magnetic Fields

Topological semimetals are an exciting new area of research due to their number of predicted and unexpected quantum mechanical states. Understanding t…

Resting state functional MRI at 11.1T revealed the effects on brain microstructures and intrinsic activity due to β-amyloid (Aβ) plaque deposits and inflammation, as indicated by the presence of the inflammatory protein interleukin-6 (IL6).

March 23, 2020

MRI Detects Brain Responses to Alzheimer's Disease Plaque Deposits and Inflammation

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of mouse models for Alzheimer’s disease can be used to determine brain response to plaque deposits and inflammation t…

The computer based analytical tool is illustrated by visualization of the TQ MR signals inside the traditional TQ RF pulse sequence used to detect bound ions.

March 23, 2020

Analytical Tool for in Vivo Triple Quantum MR Signals

Magnetic resonance (MR) signals of sodium and potassium nuclei during ion binding are attracting increased attention as a potential biomarker of in vi…


February 25, 2020

Corrosion Analysis on Acidic Crude Oils using FT-ICR

A new method to characterize crude oil corrosion shows that corrosion in acidic crude oils depends on the specific structures of the acid molecules, i…

(a) Photo of a natural graphite sample. (b) Scanning transmission electron microscopy image showing the internal structure of the sample with its interfaces located between regions of different shades of gray.

February 25, 2020

Record-Breaking Magnetoresistance Measured in Natural Graphite

Researchers demonstrate a new record magnetoresistance in graphene by improving the contacting method, which helps improve our understanding of the ma…


January 31, 2020

Nuclear Spin Patterning Controls Electron Spin Coherence

Electron spin resonance work shows how transition metal can retain quantum information, important work on the path to next-generation quantum technolo…

(a) The phase diagram of FeSe0.89S0.11 which shows two distinct superconducting domes that are separated by a change of the Fermi surface at intermediate pressures (i.e. Lifshitz transition). (c) This is confirmed by a shift in the quantum oscillation frequencies with higher pressures. The largest oscillations shown (blue) are for a temperature of 0.3K.

January 23, 2020

Nematic Phase Weakens Superconductivity

A nematic phase is where the molecular/atomic dynamics show elements of both liquids and solids, like in liquid crystal displays on digital watches or…

Actual MRI cross-section of the mouse brain, showing injection site

January 23, 2020

Brain Waste Pathway Found

Little is known about the path of metabolic waste clearance from the brain. Here, high-field magnetic resonance images a possible pathway for metaboli…


December 12, 2019

Complex Phase Diagram and Reentrant Disorder in Ce3TiSb5

Ce3TiSb5 identified as a metallic magnet in which inverse melting does occur.

A microwave beam (rainbow and solid blue arrow) is used to excite a free electron (purple), which in turn enhances (dashed blue arrows) magnetic resonance signals (black arrows) on near-by carbon atoms (yellow), thus allowing high sensitivity in combination with high-resolution.

December 12, 2019

Liquid State Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at High Magnetic Field

This finding demonstrates a path forward to dramatically enhance sensitivity for molecule concentration measurement by magnetic resonance using Overha…

Spin configurations at magnetic fields above 25T.

October 28, 2019

Emergent States of Matter in Chemically Doped Quantum Magnets

Research on doped SrCu2(BO3)2 shows anomalies in the magnetization.

Magnetic field versus angle dependence of the superconducting phases in UTe2.

October 28, 2019

Extreme Re-Entrant Superconductivity

Studies of uranium ditelluride in high magnetic fields show superconductivity switching off at 35 T, but reoccurring at higher magnetic fields between…

Motion pattern of atoms for the phonon modes that change in magnetic field.

September 20, 2019

Spin-Lattice and Electron–Phonon Coupling in 3d/5d Hybrid Sr3NiIrO6

In Sr3NiIrO6 vibrations in the crystal lattice (phonons) play an important role in its intriguing magnetic properties that result in a very high coerc…

Layer critical current density, Jc, in a variety of variants of Nb3Sn monofilament wires fabricated to include Tantalum (Ta), Zirconium (Zr) and Hafnium (Hf) additions, both with and without SnO2 suitable for internal oxidation of the Zr and Hf.

September 20, 2019

Hafnium Greatly Improves Nb3Sn Superconductor for High Field Magnets

Small additions of elemental Hafnium boosts current-carrying capability in Nb3Sn superconductor.


September 20, 2019

Outreach for English Language Learners

To broaden participation in STEM, onsite outreach at the MagLab is now offered in Swahili in addition to Spanish, German and French.

"Hb AC" denotes heterozygous β-chains: one normal, and one with a single mutation of glutamic acid to lysine at amino acid sequence position 6.

August 19, 2019

Identification of abnormal hemoglobin from human blood

Precise determination of hemoglobin sequence and subunit quantitation from human blood for diagnosis of hemoglobin-based diseases.

Schematic of TbInO3 in which one electron sits at each site on a triangular lattice.

August 19, 2019

Unusual “Spin Liquid” Quantum State Found in TbInO3

Using intense pulsed magnetic fields and measurements at low temperatures, MagLab users have found evidence of a long-sought “spin liquid” in terbium …

The photo shows the NMR probe used for the ultra-low temperature NMR measurements.

July 29, 2019

Luttinger Liquid Behavior of Helium-Three in Nanotubes

Study of helium atoms at low temperatures illuminate extreme quantum effects that were earlier predicted.

Magnetic Resonance studies of calcium to measure the local environments around the calcium atoms.

July 29, 2019

Ultra-High Magnetic Fields Provide New Insights Into Bone-Like Materials

Very high magnetic fields now enable researchers to understand what surrounds calcium atoms in materials.

Non-Cu Jc-B curves of the APC wire given various heat treatments and the state-of-the-art Nb3Sn wire as reference, as well as the FCC Jc specification

June 20, 2019

Fifty Percent Boost for Niobium–tin

MagLab users have modified the critical current of Nb3SN, a material that was thought to be fully exploited, and boosted its performance by 50%.

Scientists studied the copper-based compound [Cu(pyrimidine)H2O4] SiF6 H2O. Repeating units of four copper ions (see above) create corkscrew-like chains with intriguing magnetic properties.

June 20, 2019

High Field Uncovers Magnetic Properties in Chains of Copper Ions

The findings contribute to scientists' understanding of magnetic materials that could point the way to future applications.

The calculated Fermi surface of BiPd projected into the first Brillouin zone. It is complex, 3-dimensional, and composed of multiple sheets.

May 15, 2019

Evidence Supporting BiPd as a Topological Superconductor

The observation of topological states coupled with superconductivity represents an opportunity for scientists to manipulate nontrivial superconducting…

Three genotypes of Acropora cervicornis from an established coral nursery near Tavernier, FL used in this study.

May 15, 2019

NMR-Based Metabolomics of Coral with Resistance to Bleaching

Three variants of the coral species A cervicornis were found to have unique metabolic signatures that can be distinguished by NMR spectroscopy. Differ…

Winding of the 65cm long pulsed coil. The leads to and from the coil can be seen extending another 24cm to the right.

April 10, 2019

In-House Fabrication of Outsert Coil 1 for the 100T Pulsed Magnet

Pulsed magnets are designed to operate near their structural limits to be able to generate extremely high magnetic fields. The coils have a limited li…


April 10, 2019

Heat-Treatment of Large Hadron Collider Nb3Sn Magnets

To increase the rate of particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, new powerful magnets will soon be made from Nb3Sn superconduct…

Quantitative chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) signals obtained on a rat brain with a tumor (red circled region).

March 20, 2019

Scientists Identify Potential Biomarker for Brain Diseases

With advanced techniques and world-record magnetic fields, researchers have detected new MRI signals from brain tumors.

Tandem mass spectrometry provides sufficiently detailed spectra to make a structural characterization

March 01, 2019

Researchers demonstrate method for analyzing molecules from bacteria cell walls

Scientists will be able to apply the technique to characterize similar molecules, helping develop vaccines and drugs to treat bacterial infection.

Schematics of ethane diffusion in ZIF-7-8

March 01, 2019

"Molecular Sieves" Could Lead to Much Cheaper Gas Production

Combining high-field NMR with infrared microscopy, scientists learned more about how gas diffuses in a novel class of molecular sieves that could one …

Penetration field capacitance (CP) plotted vs magnetic field (B) and electron density (n0) showing both new and well studied fractional quantum Hall states, which appear as orange and red lines.

January 29, 2019

Even Denominator Fractional Quantum Hall States in Graphene

Scientists revealed previously unobserved and unexpected FQH states in monolayer graphene that raise new questions regarding the interaction between e…

(A) Molecular structure of TCRαTMC. Labeled residues (R1) for EPR studies are highlighted in red. (B) EPR distance.

January 29, 2019

Scientists Observe Molecular Movements in T Cells

Insights into the structure and movement of T cell surface proteins could lead to new ways to fight cancers, infections and other diseases.

Left: Two-dimensional 13C-13C spectra. Right: Representative structure of glycans

January 04, 2019

Uncovering the Secrets of Fungal Cell Walls

With unprecedented sensitivity and resolution from state-of-the-art magnets, scientists have identified for the first time the cell wall structure of …

MagLab educator Jose Sanchez shows New Mexico teachers how to use series circuits to design electromagnets.

January 04, 2019

MagLab Educators Take Their Lessons to New Mexico

Area teachers learn how to explain magnet research conducted nearby to their students.

Superconducting upper critical fields as a function of temperature for two samples under pressures of 150 and 170 GPa.

November 20, 2018

Superconducting Hydride Under Extreme Magnetic Fields and Pressure

Scientists have long pursued the goal of superconductivity at room temperature. This work opens a route towards one day stabilizing superconductivity …

Up to two fluorine atoms are added to the Sc3N@C80 fullerene cage, as shown in this FT-ICR mass spectrum

November 19, 2018

Functionalizing molecular nanocarbon with fluorine atoms

Researchers have discovered a new method to create encapsulated carbon nanomaterials that contain fluorine. Known as fullerenes, these nanocages are p…

De Haas-van Alphen measurements (left) agree with the calculated Fermi surfaces (right). Colors in the plot correspond to matching surface calculations.

November 05, 2018

Quasi-2D to 3D Fermi Surface Topology Change in Nd-Doped CeCoIn5

Scientists found that the emergence of an exotic quantum mechanical phase in Ce1-xNdxCoIn5 is due to a shape change in the Fermi surface. This finding…

Temperature dependence of the differential resisitivity.

September 17, 2018

Pinning and Melting of a Quantum Wigner Crystal

This research established experimental evidence for the long sought-after transition of a small, two-dimensional sheet of electrons to a solid state.

Electrical resistivity of TaAs for temperatures from 20K to 0.7K.

September 17, 2018

Destruction of Weyl Nodes and a New State in Tantalum Arsenide Above 80 Teslas

Weyl metals such as tantalum arsenide (TaAs) are predicted to have novel properties arising from a chirality of their electron spins. Scientists induc…

The structure of one of the oxoiron(IV) complexes.

August 21, 2018

Making a Non-Heme Oxoiron(IV) Complex a Better Oxidant

This work investigates a series of oxoiron complexes that serve as models towards understanding the mechanism of catalysis for certain iron-containing…

Identification of two classes of Ni- and VO-porphyrins by FT-ICR MS.

August 21, 2018

Ancient porphyrins indicate far earlier date for photosynthesis

Molecular fossils of chlorophyll (called porphyrins) more than 1.1 billion years old find suggest that photosynthesis began 600 million years earlier …

Renette Hawthorne from Silver Lake Middle School in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., prepares an experiment.

August 21, 2018

2018 Research Experiences for Teachers Program

Ten Florida teachers worked side by side with MagLab researchers during the summer of 2018.

Fermi surface of CaFeAsF, which represents the momenta of the highest-energy electrons in the material.

July 10, 2018

Dirac Fermions Detected Via Quantum Oscillations

This work provides important insight into one of the parent materials of iron-based superconductors.

Left: pH-sensitive ratiometric response. Right: A pH map.

July 10, 2018

Imaging pH Levels With a Cobalt MRI Probe

A new pH sensitive contrast agent for MR imaging has been developed that produces image contrast based on the local pH and that has great potential fo…

Using MagLab-developed NMR pulse sequences, volumes in the rat cortex (pink boxes) are selected to acquire relaxation-enhanced 1H NMR spectra over 3 hours.

July 10, 2018

Metabolic Assessment of Migraines Using Ultra-High Magnetic Fields

The causes of migraines are not well understood, with treatment limited to addressing pain rather than its origin. Research conducted with hydrogen MR…

Left: Three-dimensional phase diagram for URu2−x FexSi2 single crystals, with temperature T. Right: Normalized critical-field H/H0

June 27, 2018

Phase Diagram of URu2–xFexSi2 in High Magnetic Fields

Scientists used high magnetic fields and low temperatures to study crystals of URu2–xFexSi2. Using these conditions, they explored an intriguing state…

Schematic cross-section of the multi-layer REBCO tape conductor in which the REBCO layer is less than 1% of the total thickness of the tape.

June 27, 2018

High-Temperature Superconducting Tape Suitable for Magnets at 50 Teslas and Beyond

Recent measurements of superconducting tapes in the MagLab's 45-tesla hybrid magnet shows that the power function dependence of current on magnetic fi…

Images show (left to right for two different stimulations) the standard MR image, measured electrical current distribution overlaid on MR image, measured electrical current density alone, and simulated current distribution.

May 18, 2018

Imaging Current Flow in the Brain During Transcranial Electrical Stimulation

Scientists measured the first in vivo images of stimulated current within the brain using an imaging method that may improve reproducibility and safet…

Magnetic-field-induced changes in the dielectric constant of Br-doped DTN at very low temperatures as a function of applied DC magnetic field at 20 mK.

May 16, 2018

Magneto-Electric Effects in Metal-Organic Quantum Magnet

New materials that exhibit a strong coupling between magnetic and electric effects are of great interest for the development of high-sensitivity detec…

Schematic illustrating the dissolution DNP process.

April 17, 2018

Novel Metallofullerene Boosts Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

In this study, researchers added a low concentration of the endohedral metallofullerene (EMF) Gd2@C79N to DNP samples, finding that 1H and 13C enhance…

Left: The variable coupling of edge states between two lateral quantum Hall states (blue regions). Right: R34 vs tunnel barrier gate voltage, which controls the barrier height.

March 19, 2018

Switchable Transmission of Quantum Hall Edge States in Bilayer Graphene

In the 14 years since its discovery, graphene has amazed scientists around the world with both the ground-breaking physics and technological potential…

(a) The Bi-2212 insulation system. (b) Insulated conductor on a spool. (c) Cross-section of the 0.8mm diameter Bi-2212 wire featuring a particularly thick layer of insulation.

March 19, 2018

Ceramic Insulation for High-Temperature Superconducting Wire

MagLab scientists and engineers have developed a special coating on Bi-2212 superconducting wire for electrical insulation in superconducting magnets …

Schematic of LC/MS approach that leverages the high IR absorbance of sulfoxides for selective dissociation and discovery of S-sulfonated peptides.

February 27, 2018

Targeted annotation of peptides by selective infrared multiphoton dissociation mass spectrometry

Protein oxidative damage is a common occurrence in a number of diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative, and cardiovascular disease. Yet, little …

Circularly-polarized optical spectra from 0-65 teslas of monolayers of WSe2.

February 27, 2018

Exciton States in a New Monolayer Semiconductor

Analogous to the unique spectral fingerprint of any atom or molecule, researchers have measured the spectrum of optical excitations in monolayer tungs…

Simulations of high frequency (320 GHz) high magnetic field derivative display EPR spectra of Mn2+Sod and of the Mn2+ of Dr using EasySpin.

February 26, 2018

Across the Tree of Life: Radiation Resistance Gauged by High-Field EPR

This high-field EPR study of the H-Mn2+ content in the bacterium Deinococcus Radiodurans provides the strongest known biological indicator of cellular…

Gate dependence of the conductance for a  macroscopic Corbino device under inplane magnetic field from 0 T to 35T.

January 31, 2018

2D Electron-Hole "Superconductor": Topological Excitonic Insulator

Decades ago, a mechanism was proposed that described a quantum phase transition to an insulating ground state from a semi-metal (excitonic insulator, …

1. Patients with multiple myeloma produce different antibodies, depending on which cells are cancerous. 2. Scientists use FT-ICR MS/MS to examine the antibodies. 3. They can tell exactly which antibodies a patient is producing. 4. This knowledge allows them to personalize treatment for each patient.

August 09, 2017

More Accurate Diagnosis for Multiple Myeloma

New technique could lead to precise, personalized cancer diagnosis and monitoring.

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