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High B/T Measurement Techniques

Four kinds of thermometry are available at the High B/T Facility: capacitance, melting curve, Pt NMR, and vibrating wire thermometry.

Measurements of the electrical conductivity of materials such as 2D electron systems are carried out using low frequency A.C. measurements using 4 or …

The AC susceptometer for measurements at ultra-low temperatures consists of a cell totally immersed with the sample in a cell filled with liquid 3He.

For highly attenuating materials, transmission measurement is difficult to use. We offer an acoustic impedance measurement capability which is valuabl…

The high-sensitivity dielectric probe is designed for measuring the dielectric constants of quantum materials at low temperatures. It has been used to…

Absolute attenuation and sound velocity can be measured through direct propagation of ultrasound pulses in a wide range of temperature and magnetic fi…

Two superheterodyne computer interfaced pulsed NMR spectrometers are available for broadband applications.

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