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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Research Experiences for Teachers (RET)

2023 RET Group
2023 RET Group

Carlos R. Villa

This exciting summer program gives K-12 and informal STEM educators from across the country the chance to learn how to incorporate MagLab science (materials science, chemistry, and physics) into their STEM lesson plans.

The MagLab is a National Science Foundation funded facility that houses interdisciplinary research with both in-house staff as well as international users who are making breakthroughs in STEM. The RET program gives teachers from across the country the chance to witness authentic and real-world scientific research that can only occur at the MagLab. Through seminars, discussion groups, and professional development, teachers develop strategies and resources to translate the scientific experience of the MagLab into lesson plans and materials for their classroom.

The 2024 program will be a hybrid program with the introductory week being held at the MagLab in Tallahassee, and subsequent sessions being held online during the fall semester. Each teacher accepted by the program receives a stipend and, if necessary, travel support and housing.

Program Highlights

  • The program is for US citizens only.
  • The program pays a stipend of $3,600.
  • Travel reimbursements of up to $600 are available to non-local residents.
  • Housing is provided for non-local participants for their week in Tallahassee, Florida (June 24-28, 2024).
  • Participants are required to participate in the entire program.
  • Participants are required to attend all scheduled meetings and workshops.


Please use the following link to apply for the 2024 RET program.

The in-person dates for the Summer 2024 RET program are June 24-28, 2024, with bi-weekly online meetings being held on Wednesday evenings from September through November 6:00-8:00 PM EST (Schedule subject to change upon discussion with selected participants).

We look forward to reviewing your application. Applications close on April 8. Teachers accepted to the program will be notified by May 29th.

The 2022 RET developed science lesson plans that incorporated culturally responsive pedagogy. These educators connected STEM fields from all over the MagLab into their lessons to ensure they were inclusive for all students. Please take these plans and tailor them for your students in your classroom.

Culturally Responsive STEM Lesson Plan

Title: My World of Scientists

Lesson by: Koneisha Cofield

Title: Symbiotic Relationships from a Multicultural Perspective

Lesson by: Diamond Hightower

Title: Food for Thought: An Examination of Grocery Gaps in Communities

Lesson by: Nicole Hubbard

Title: Oil Clean-Up

Lesson by: Lilly Keefe-Powers

Title: The Spoils of Oil

Lesson by: Marnie Klein

Title: KEY-cosystems

Lesson by: Angela Lopez

Title: Humpty Dumpty and your breakfast saved by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Lesson by: Jollyn Nolan

Title: What is Nuclear Energy and Where Can We Find it in Our Everyday Lives?

Lesson by: Raechel Waddy

Our RET class of 2021 developed science lesson plans that incorporated culturally responsive pedagogy. These educators learned how to connect MagLab science and engineering into their lessons so that they could be more inclusive of all students. This is the first time our educators have developed lesson plans that are now available to others. We encourage you to take these plans as a foundation and tailor them for your students.

Culturally Responsive STEM Lesson Plan

Title: What Happened in Texas in February of 2021?

Lesson by: Emily Berman

Contact info:

Title: Equity in Traffic Stops: A Social Justice Kinematics Lesson

Lesson by: Emily Blumberg

Contact info:

Title: Classification and Diversity

Lesson by: Denise Hulette, Ph.D.

Contact info:

Title: Properties of Matter through a Multicultural Lens

Lesson by: Shanna Lillis

Contact info:

Title: Atomic Avengers

Lesson by: Kristie J. Long

Contact info:

Title: "The Girl with a Mind for Math: The Story of Raye Montague" and How Do Boats Float?

Lesson by: Raiza Pou

Contact info:

Title: Federal Public School Spending

Lesson by: Katherine Risbrough

Title: Examining Racial Diversity across School Districts in US States

Lesson by: Treshonda Rutledge

Title: Environmental Management Lesson Plan

Lesson by: Erin Squires

Contact info:

Title: Mu of the Shoe Lab

Lesson by: Jamie Taube

Contact info:

For more information contact Carlos R Villa


Only US citizens or permanent residents (Green card holders) are eligible for this program.

Application deadline: April 8

Program starts: In person: June 24

Program ends: Virtual: November

Last modified on 19 January 2024