Chemist Danna Freedman explains superposition, decoherence and how they all add up to the most fun you could have with science.

A team tackling some gnarly physics using tricky techniques rounds a critical corner. Joy ensues. Then, back to work.

High magnetic fields usually kill superconductivity. But in this material, it brought it back to life.

And now for something completely different: 10 high-field physics predictions that Monty Python nailed.

What hides behind the elegantly simple line that describes the relationship between temperature and electrical resistance in certain materials? For some physicists, this is the most compelling question in the field.

Thomas Szkopek talks about cool two-dimensional materials and what he learns about them in high magnetic fields.

Scientists probing the exotic, 2D realm are discovering astonishing behaviors that could revolutionize our 3D world.

Sometimes, science can be a bit like making a good sandwich — but one a little more complex than your average PB&J.

Electrons in this cool high-field experiment flip-flopped between liquid and solid.

If engineers build stronger magnets, scientists promise they will come … and that discoveries will follow.

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