Some manmade chemicals feature bonds so strong they could last forever. And that's a life-threatening problem.

Florida scientists are helping coral protect itself against nitrogen overload.

Using powerful instruments at the National MagLab, scientists discovered that older dissolved organics from deforested areas were more energy-rich, and potentially more harmful to the planet.

Thanks to the MagLab’s expertise and unique instruments, a geochemist finds a treasure trove of oil-spill data buried beneath the sea.

In findings that could shed light on current climate changes, researchers find conclusive evidence linking rising sea levels and lowering oxygen levels to decimation of marine species.

Watch environmental chemist Susan Richardson explain her research into hydraulic fracturing and drinking water.

Findings that “go against the textbooks” may improve biofuel production

Water samples collected from the heart of Africa contain clues about carbon cycling worldwide.

Vincent Salters joins the elite ranks of American Geophysical Union fellows.

Members of a sprawling science team piece together the puzzle of biochar, a promising tool in the fight against global warming.

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