Left field
8 February 2018

Fun & Games with Data

High-field data comes in a boggling array of shapes, squiggles and colors. Play along as we try to figure out what it all means.


From peaks to domes, from scans and spectra, from distribution plots to phase diagrams: High-field data truly comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and levels of impenetrability.

Channel your inner child by completing the classic "fun pad" games we've created here, inspired by great research done in high magnetic fields around the world!


    Use straight lines to connect the dots and reveal the crystal structure of this molecule. pdfDownload and Play.

    Crystal structure of heavy fermion URu<sub>2</sub>Si<sub>2</sub>

    Crystal structure of heavy fermion URu2Si2

    Researchers performed ultrasonic measurements on this crystal in pulsed magnetic fields at Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory to better understand the sample's unique "hidden order."

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    Color can carry important information in scientific figures. Follow the guide to reveal the unique structure of the Fermi surface below. pdfDownload and Play.

    A Fermi surface is a kind of map of how electrons move in a material.

    A Fermi surface of a new topological semimetal (PtBi2) discovered by scientists at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Hefei, China. The pink and yellow colors identify the electron and hole bands.


Match the illustrations of data (1 through 9 below) with the correct description by typing the illustration's number in the appropriate box. To find out more about that science and where it was published, click on the "More Info" button.

Last modified on 9 February 2018