Earth Issue Feature
14 April 2020

About the Earth Issue Cover

Hidden messages abound in the cover of our latest issue.

The cover for the Earth Issue of fields magazine (Spring 2020) is by Caroline McNiel, the magazine's art director. The idea was born in COVID-19 quarantine, when Caroline was working from her Tallahassee home. After many hours spent on a different cover direction that was ultimately shelved, she sought inspiration in her yard and on walks through her neighborhood. There she collected flowers, leaves and grasses that she carefully collaged into continents. She also retrieved little pieces of trash and tucked them in among the greenery. The result is a patchwork planet that conveys our Earth's unique beauty as well as the environmental dangers, small and pervasive, that threaten it.

On this page we invite you to examine Caroline's cover more closely. She incorporated 19 pieces of trash in this piece. See how many you can identify. After you've spotted all that you can find, check your observational skills against pdfCaroline's annotated cover.

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Last modified on 14 April 2020