Til Death Do They Part

Til Death Do They Part

December 12, 2019 | By Bennett Mcintosh

Some manmade chemicals feature bonds so strong they could last forever. And that's a life-threatening problem.


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  • In sheets of copper oxygen, magnesium 'holes' formed pairs in intriguing ways, as did pairs of copper electrons, resulting in a super-structure of 'bound states,' highlighted here in purple. The green dots indicate where the material was 'doped' with magnesium.

    A Super (Lattice) Surprise

    Fall 2019

    When physicists studied a superconducting material at very high fields, they were pleasantly amazed by what they saw.

  • Lead soaps have formed on the above oil painting, 'Samson Captured by the Philistines,' at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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  • Resilient Reefs

    Resilient Reefs

    Fall 2019

    Florida scientists are helping coral protect itself against nitrogen overload.

  • Sun Churn

    Sun Churn

    Fall 2019

    In addition to heat and light, our sun cranks out a complex, swirling magnetic field.

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