Peter Gor'kov - The Master of Miniature

The Master of Miniature

August 21, 2019 | By Kristen Coyne

In the hands of Peter Gor'kov, scientific tools become works of fine art.


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  • Sun Churn

    Sun Churn

    Fall 2019

    In addition to heat and light, our sun cranks out a complex, swirling magnetic field.

  • Twisted Physics

    Twisted Physics

    Spring 2019

    Scientists probing and exotic, 2D realm are discovering astonishing behaviors that could revolutionize our 3D world.

  • How to Whip Up New Physics

    How to Whip Up New Physics

    Spring 2019

    Sometimes, science can be a bit like making a good sandwich — but one a little more complex than your average PB&J.

  • What's A Moiré?

    What's a Moiré?

    Bonus Content

    What's a moiré pattern? And why are they one of the hottest things in physics today? Let us explain — with a musical twist.

  • Double Whammy

    Double Whammy

    Spring 2019

    What happens when a kid with ADHD sustains a concussion? Using high-field magnets, researchers are working to find out.

  • Japan Blows Doors off World Record

    Japan Blows Doors off World Record

    Spring 2019

    Scientists have a blast developing a technique for studying electrons in ultra-high magnetic fields.

  • Tracking Fracking

    Tracking Fracking

    Spring 2019

    Watch environmental chemist Susan Richardson explain her research into hydraulic fracturing and drinking water.

  • Makeshift Magnets

    Makeshift Magnets

    Spring 2019

    Turn your trash into treasure by creating your own high-field magnet models.

Flip-flopping Phases

    Flip-flopping Phases

    Spring 2019

    Electrons in this cool high-field experiment flip-flopped between liquid and solid.

  • Good Mentors Make Good Scientists

    Good Mentors Make Good Scientists

    Spring 2019

    Researchers talk about their favorite mentors and how they made a difference.

  • Fields of Dreams

    Fields of Dreams

    Fall 2018

    If engineers build stronger magnets, scientists promise they will come … and that discoveries will follow.

  • The Long Winding Road

    The Long Winding Road

    Fall 2018

    Several materials are in the running to build the next generation of superconducting magnets. Which will emerge the victor?

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