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36 Tesla, 48 mm bore, 100 ppm Homogeneity Series Connected Hybrid Magnet for Condensed Matter (Cell 14)

36 Tesla, 40 mm Bore Series Connected Hybrid Magnet

This novel hybrid magnet can be used for both condensed matter science physics and NMR spectroscopy. It is the strongest magnet in the world for NMR.

This novel hybrid magnet features two configurations to facilitate exciting high-field research.

Featuring a resistive insert made of Florida-Bitter coils and a superconducting outsert that are electrically connected in series, the “Series Connected Hybrid” (SCH) magnet system is powered by the same 14 MW power supply, rather than independently with two separate power supplies, as is 45-tesla hybrid magnet.

In its Condensed Matter Science configuration, the SCH facilitates condensed matter physics experiments and features He-3 and VTI cryogenic systems with a sample space diameter of 32.1 mm. Six different condensed matter measurement techniques and several probes are available to users of this system (see below for more information). Please, contact Tim Murphy for further details.

To learn more about the SCH for chemical and biological NMR, please visit 1.5 GHz, 40 mm bore, 1 ppm homogeneity Series Connected Hybrid Magnet for NMR or contact Robert Schurko.

Learn some of the technical details of this new magnet in this Science Highlight.



  • Field strength: 36 tesla
  • Bore size: 48 mm
  • Power: 14 MW
  • Homogeneity: 100 ppm (in Condensed Matter Configuration)
  • Number of input and output leads possible: 36
  • Frequency: 0-1.5 GHz
  • Temperature Range: 0.3-300K
  • Open for users who would pay for magnet time: Yes


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Credit: National MagLab

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Staff Contact

  • For Condensed Matter Science, please contact Tim Murphy
  • For Chemical and Biological NMR, please contact Robert Schurko

Last modified on 12 December 2023

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