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22 May 2019

"Superhydride" shows superconductivity at record-warm temperature

In a hydrogen-packed compound squeezed to ultra-high pressures, scientists have observed electrical current with zero resistance tantalizingly close to room temperature.

11 April 2019

Student employee recognized for excellence with regional award

A young computer programmer was surprised by not one, but two awards for building systems crucial to running the lab's magnets.

9 April 2019

MagLab chemist receives high honor from Florida State

Lab veteran Tim Cross has been named 2019-2020 Lawton Distinguished Professor by his peers.

28 March 2019

Researchers discover sodium-migraine link before pain occurs

Findings clarify the role of sodium increase early in migraines and point to the region where symptoms may start.

28 March 2019

High-performance microscope will take research to next level

State-of-the-art instrument will be used in materials and next-generation magnet research.

27 March 2019

In ancient oceans, oxygen loss triggered mass extinction

In findings that could shed light on current climate changes, researchers find conclusive evidence linking rising sea levels and lowering oxygen levels to decimation of marine species.

25 February 2019

Ancient rocks provide clues about Earth's early history

MagLab data provide compelling evidence that extensive oxygenation took place in the ocean millions of years before the atmosphere’s “Great Oxidation Event.”

14 February 2019

A Feast for the Mind and Senses at 2019 MagLab Open House

Lab to serve up heaping portions of science at food-themed Open House on Feb. 23.

11 February 2019

Researchers stabilize color of light in next-gen material

Promising technique could be used to turn light into electricity and electricity into light.

24 January 2019

Unlocking graphene’s superconducting powers

With a twist and a squeeze, researchers discover a new method to manipulate the electrical conductivity of this game-changing "wonder material."

22 January 2019

New ‘architecture’ discovered in corn

Findings that “go against the textbooks” may improve biofuel production

7 January 2019

Scientists discover new way of creating a topological switch

Ultrafast manipulation of material properties with light could stimulate the development of novel electronics, including quantum computers.

21 December 2018

Quirky kindred compounds could crack quantum code

"Kondo metamagnet" is first in a family of eccentric quantum crystals

30 October 2018

Best Research of 2017

35 highlights out of 423 reports representing the best of life sciences, chemistry, magnet science and technology, and condensed matter physics.

25 September 2018

Grant to launch next-generation of superconducting magnets

With funding from the National Science Foundation, scientists and engineers will determine the best way to build a new class of record-breaking instruments.

10 August 2018

MagLab geochemist receives high professional honor

Vincent Salters joins the elite ranks of American Geophysical Union fellows.

2 August 2018

"Strange metals" just got stranger

A material already known for its unique behavior is found to carry current in a way never before observed.

11 July 2018

Ancient chlorophyll was pretty in pink

Using tools at the MagLab, scientists pinpoint pigments that are the oldest on record.

9 July 2018

Award to help MagLab scientist push research into marketplace

"GAP" award will help further breakthrough treatment system for next-generation superconducting magnets.

15 June 2018

New director named for Applied Superconductivity Center

Lance Cooley brings cool plans for developing superconducting materials and magnets.