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24 May 2018

International science leaders meet at the MagLab

The visit marked the first time the Group of Senior Officials for Global Infrastructures has met in the United States.

16 May 2018

Researchers control properties of graphene transistors using pressure

This research is a promising first step toward finding a way to use graphene as a transistor, an achievement that would have widespread applications.

30 April 2018

Scientists discover cheap fluid that could lead to cheap MRIs

Finding could make pricey, massive scanners a thing of the past.

23 April 2018

MagLab completes world-class magnet for European partners

When fully installed, the new instrument will be one of the two most powerful magnets on the planet.

2 April 2018

National MagLab to receive $184M NSF renewal grant

The National Science Foundation announces five-year funding grant for continued operation of the world’s most powerful magnet lab.

7 March 2018

"Subatomic Smackdown" rallies physics fans to pick a particle

Scientists and science communicators team up in playful bout that engages physics fans worldwide.

23 January 2018

MagLab "champion for teaching" to receive national award

Veteran educator recognized for inspiring kids about science outside the classroom.

9 January 2018

Researchers develop new technique to build monolayer electronic devices

A unique way to bond together single-layer semiconductors opens a door to new nanotechnologies.

12 December 2017

New world-record magnet fulfills superconducting promise

Made with high-temperature superconductors, the National MagLab's newest instrument shatters a world record and opens new frontiers in science.

20 November 2017

MagLab theorist named AAAS fellow

Efstratios Manousakis is recognized for his important contributions to computational physics.

3 November 2017

APS honors MagLab-affiliated scientists

Eleven scientists recognized for their remarkable contributions to physics.

1 November 2017

NIH funds grant to combat stroke

Researchers will develop new treatments to prevent deadly condition.

23 October 2017

$1 million grant will advance compact particle accelerators

The DOE effort foresees a slew of health, environmental and safety applications.

19 October 2017

Study on motor neuron proteins lands on cover of Cell

Research sheds new light on the formation of harmful structures that can lead to neurodegenerative diseases.

9 October 2017

Scientists observe exotic quantum particle in bilayer graphene

Physicists prove a 30-year-old theory — the even-denominator fractional quantum Hall state — and establish bilayer graphene as a promising platform that could lead to quantum computation.

4 October 2017

Heavy element defies simple quantum mechanics

The behavior of berkelium prompts chemists to rethink what's going on inside heavy elements.

27 September 2017

$1M grant to help researchers deliver big savings on big motors

Engineers to develop greener, cheaper technology

22 August 2017

MagLab reclaims record for strongest resistive magnet

The new 41.4-tesla instrument reclaims a title for the lab and paves the way for breakthroughs in physics and materials research.

10 August 2017

Physicists find strange state of matter in superconducting crystal

Discovery could help scientists better understand exotic behaviors of electrons.

2 August 2017

MagLab receives $5.8M to develop biomedical technology

Federal grant to fund new tools for biology research in high magnetic fields