Research Initiatives

Recent Research from our NMR Facility

Analytical tool for in vivo triple quantum MR signals

The computer based analytical tool is illustrated by visualization of the TQ MR signals inside the traditional TQ RF pulse sequence used to detect bound ions.

Recent Research from ourAMRIS Facilities

MRI detects brain responses to Alzheimer's disease plaque deposits and inflammation

Resting state functional MRI at 11.1T revealed the effects on brain microstructures and intrinsic activity due to β-amyloid (Aβ) plaque deposits and inflammation, as indicated by the presence of the inflammatory protein interleukin-6 (IL6).

Recent Research from the EMR Facility

Nuclear Spin Patterning Controls Electron Spin Coherence


Recent Research from ourAMRIS Facilities

High Magnetic Field MRI Evidences Pathways for Metabolic Brain Waste Clearance

Actual MRI cross-section of the mouse brain, showing injection site

At the MagLab, our research pertains to materials, energy and life.

Materials Research

Scientists and engineers are on a quest to make products smaller, faster, smarter and stronger. New materials are at the center of this race: They enable the high-tech products that have changed your life and will continue to change it in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Life Research

Scientists working at the MagLab use powerful magnets to learn more about living structures and investigate disease.

Energy Research

Creating, storing and conserving energy — a product for which there is a limited supply and nearly unlimited demand — has been a topic of global conversations for decades.