Research Initiatives

Recent Research from our Pulsed Field Facility

First Science from the 75T Duplex Magnet

75 tesla duplex magnet

Recent Research from our NMR Facility

Structure of Boron-Based Catalysts from 11B Solid-State NMR at 35.2T


Recent Research from our Pulsed Field Facility

Spontaneous "Valley Magnetization" in an Atomically-thin Semiconductor

Left: The tungsten di-selenide (WSe2) monolayer-on-fiber assembly used for optical absorption studies in 60 tesla magnetic fields., Right:  Discrete jumps in the absorption indicate emptying and spontaneous filling of specific quantum states (the “valley”states).

Recent Research from ourAMRIS Facilities

Using Magnetic Resonance to Probe Lipid Synthesis in Response to Ketogenic Diet

Overall hepatic metabolism is significantly altered by diet.

At the MagLab, our research pertains to materials, energy and life.

Materials Research

Scientists and engineers are on a quest to make products smaller, faster, smarter and stronger. New materials are at the center of this race: They enable the high-tech products that have changed your life and will continue to change it in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Life Research

Scientists working at the MagLab use powerful magnets to learn more about living structures and investigate disease.

Energy Research

Creating, storing and conserving energy — a product for which there is a limited supply and nearly unlimited demand — has been a topic of global conversations for decades.