Research Initiatives

Recent Research from our NMR Facility

High-magnetic-field MRI brain studies of disease markers

Quantitative chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) signals obtained on a rat brain with a tumor (red circled region).

Recent Research from our AMRIS Facility

Microscale diffusion in mixed linker zeolitic imidazolate framework

Schematics of ethane diffusion in ZIF-7-8

Recent Research from our ICR Facility

Top down tandem mass spectrometric analysis of a chemically modified rough-type lipopolysaccharide vaccine candidate

Tandem mass spectrometry provides sufficiently detailed spectra to make a structural characterization.

Recent Research from our DC Field Facility

Even denominator fractional quantum Hall states in graphene

Penetration field capacitance (CP) plotted vs magnetic field (B) and electron density (n0) showing both new and well studied fractional quantum Hall states, which appear as orange and red lines.

Recent Research from the EMR Facility

(A) Molecular structure of TCRαTMC. Labeled residues (R1) for EPR studies are highlighted in red. (B) EPR distance.

Recent Research from our NMR Facility

Uncovering the Secrets of Fungal Cell Wall Architecture

Left: Two-dimensional 13C-13C spectra. Right: Representative structure of glycans.

Recent Research from our DC Field Facility

Quasi-2D to 3D Fermi surface topology change in Nd-doped CeCoIn5

De Haas-van Alphen measurements (left) agree with the calculated Fermi surfaces (right). Colors in the plot correspond to matching surface calculations.

At the MagLab, our research pertains to materials, energy and life.

Materials Research

Scientists and engineers are on a quest to make products smaller, faster, smarter and stronger. New materials are at the center of this race: They enable the high-tech products that have changed your life and will continue to change it in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Life Research

Scientists working at the MagLab use powerful magnets to learn more about living structures and investigate disease.

Energy Research

Creating, storing and conserving energy — a product for which there is a limited supply and nearly unlimited demand — has been a topic of global conversations for decades.