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Topic: Magnet Technology

Making Resistive Magnets

Building the world's best resistive magnets requires clever engineering, top-notch science, superior materials and an obsession with quality control.

Team Tesla: How We Keep the World’s Most Powerful Magnets in Shape

Our magnets are like world-class athletes: powerful, but to stay in scientific shape, they need to eat and drink – a lot.

Helium Comeback

A helium-recovery project means major savings — and more focus on science.

New Magnet-Making Tool

Two scientists put their heads together and created a machine that speeds along magnet production.

Bubble Trouble

After a series of frustrating failures, a team of MagLab scientists realized they were tackling the wrong problem.

10 Cool Things About the World's Strongest MRI Magnet

What are the ten coolest (and most surprising) things about the world's strongest MRI magnet? 

Homogeneity: At the MagLab, It’s About More Than Milk

What is homogeneity and why is it so important to scientists? Learn how homogeneous magnets make data clearer by milking the magnetic field strength for all it's worth. 

Measuring a Megabeast

How do you measure the bite force of a prehistoric megabeast? At the National MagLab.

Beating the Heat Treatment Problem

Looking for ways to make better superconductors for the next-generation particle accelerators, a young scientist homed in on how they were heat-treated. He was getting warmer.

Replacing Rare Earths?

Using high-field electromagnets, scientists explore a promising alternative to the increasingly expensive rare earth element - neodymium - widely used in motors.

BiSCCO Breakthrough

MagLab experts fine-tuned a furnace for pressure-cooking a novel superconducting magnet. Now they're about to build its big brother.

Crossing a Mack Truck With a Ferrari

Two MagLab teams tried marrying vastly different technologies to build a new type of magnet: the Series Connected Hybrid. Decades later, has the oddball pairing panned out?

Fields of Dreams

If engineers build stronger magnets, scientists promise they will come … and that discoveries will follow.

The Long Winding Road

Several materials are in the running to build the next generation of superconducting magnets. Which will emerge the victor?

Studying Magnets in Magnets

Researchers put little permanent magnets into large electromagnets to find out how to make them better.

Joining Forces to Split Particles

The world's largest particle collider is getting even larger, and magnet labs are helping lay the foundation.

Last modified on 10 August 2022