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DC Electrical Conductivity in DC Fields

Electrical transport measurements can be carried out in temperatures as low as 20 mK and magnetic fields up to 45 T by either AC or DC methods.

Probes are wired with both twisted pairs and low-loss co-axial cables to suit the needs of the user. Instruments are available with high input / output impedance to allow for measurement of high resistance samples. For example, a Keithley 6221 current source can be coupled to a high sensitivity voltmeter for accurate measurements of sample resistance into the MΩ range. Samples can be easily mounted to rotation probes for measurements of angular dependence with respect the applied field.


  • Keithley 6221 current source
  • Keithley 2182A nanovoltmeter
  • Keithley 6517A electrometer
  • Keithley 2400 series sourcemeter
  • Yokogawa GS200 voltage / current source

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