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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

31 Tesla He-3 System & VTI

This system can be run in cell 9, which has a maximum field of 31 T.

Experiments that can be performed are transport, magnetization, surface conductivity and optics w/fibers. Rotating and fixed probes are available for use.

3He is a top-loading into liquid sorbtion pumped 3He system. The available sample space is 24 mm i.d.


Compatible Magnets

  • Temperature Range: 320 mK to 70 K (3He); 1.4 K to 325 K (VTI)
  • Available sample space: 24 mm

  • Probe A - General Purpose Rotation
  • Probe B - Fixed angle, two 16 pin DIP Sockets
  • Probe C - Rotation, single 16 pin DIP Socket

Staff Contact

Scott Maier.

Last modified on 26 December 2022