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Topic: STEM Education

How to Build a Scientist

Anyone can have a career in science. Here are some tips and MagLab programs that will help you hone science skills for students of every age and stage. 

SciGirls at Animal Shelter

Students take field trips designed to inspire girls to pursue careers in science.

Teachers Tackle Pioneering Science

These teachers went from their classroom to the lab to spend their summer break learning science skills.

MagLab Mentors Middle-Schoolers

Teenagers spent Fridays at the MagLab this fall working on a research project. 

Bridge to Diversity

Getting a PhD in science is an arduous feat; for some minority students, it can be especially challenging. The MagLab is working to give these students the tools and opportunities they need to see their journey through.

From SciGirls to SciWomen: A Decade of SciGirls Summer Camp

Ten years and 260 girls later, look back at the impact of SciGirls, a unique, hands-on summer camp for girls, by talking to two former campers.

Science Excursions for SciGirls

Fun, hands-on, field trips to learn more about science is what SciGirls Summer Camp is all about.

How to Survive a Postdoc

Postdocs face big challenges as they learn the ropes of real-life science. The MagLab and other institutions are doing more to help them make the most of these years of intensive training.

A Second Serving of Science

When a Florida teacher had the chance to spend a second summer doing research at the MagLab, he didn’t have to think twice.

Facilities Data Collection Goes Digital

Undergrad streamlines maintenance routine with touch-screen technology

The Final Hurdle

The culmination of years of hard work, the dissertation defense is as much an ordeal as it is a ritual.

Team Effort Behind Big Publication

When a grad student's first publication lands in the top-tier journal Nature, you can bet it's not beginner's luck.

The Plusses of Peer Mentorship

Young scientists learning the ropes find they get by better with a little help from their fellow students, postdocs and colleagues.

Internship Offers Student New Way to Science

High school intern Kyle Buchholz uses his time at the MagLab to learn science hands-first, rather than head-first.

When the Teacher Becomes the Student

Paul Rigel, a Florida middle school teacher, talks about his six weeks working at the MagLab's microanalysis lab.

Undergrad Learns How Gratifying Research Can be

Gerardo A. Nazario, a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) intern, talks about his eight weeks working at the MagLab and at the MagLab's Applied Superconductivity Center.

Two Mentors Means Double the Learning

Petroleum engineer Alicia Calero, a former participant in the lab's Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, talks about two MagLab scientists who played a key role in her training.

Bob Goddard : Being a Mentor

MagLab scientist Bob Goddard talks about his 17 years as a mentor.

Good Mentors Make Good Scientists

Researchers talk about their favorite mentors and how they made a difference.

Last modified on 10 August 2022