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900 MHz 105 mm MRI and solids NMR

900Mhz 105Mm Ultra Wide Bore Magnet

At 21.1 tesla, this is the strongest MRI scanner in the world for small animals, and is also used for solid state NMR.

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This ultra-wide bore 900 MHz NMR magnet (105 mm) was designed and built by the MagLab’s Magnet Science and Technology department. The magnet reached its full field of 21.1 tesla on July 21, 2004, without incurring any training quenches. Regular user operations started on August 1, 2005.

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  • MHz: 900
  • Field: 21.1 tesla
  • Bore size: 105 mm
  • Console: 4-channel Bruker Avance III
  • Homogeneity: 1 ppb

  • 900 MHz Low-E 3.2 mm MAS 1H–X–Y probe (NHMFL #42)
  • 900 MHz Low-E static 1H–X probe (NHMFL #25) with interchangeable sample coils
  • 900 MHz 3.2 mm MAS 1H–X low temperature materials probe (NHMFL #24)
  • 900 MHz 5 mm 1H{13C,15N} solution PFG probe (Bruker Z8682)
  • 21.1 Tesla MRI probe for in-vivo imaging of rats with multiple 1H and 1H–X head coils (NHMFL #35):
    • 33 mm 1H linear birdcage
    • 26 mm 1H linear birdcage
    • 33 mm 1H–13C linear birdcage
    • 33 mm 1H–23Na linear birdcage
    • 33 mm 23Na linear birdcage
    • 33 mm 35Cl quadrature birdcage
    • 12 mm 7Li coil for in situ battery MRI
    • 4 mm 1H linear dielectric resonator
    • 32 mm 1H Quadrature half-saddle coil
  • 21.1 Tesla Micro2.5 probe for ex vivo or in vitro MRI with 2.5, 5, 10, and 30 mm 1H coils (Bruker H13398)


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Credit: National MagLab


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