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32 Tesla Superconducting Magnet (SCM-32T)

32 Tesla Superconducting magnet

The 32 T magnet is the first in a new class of high-field superconducting magnets employing HTS materials.

Developed in-house at the Magnet Lab, this magnet represents a major step forward in the development of superconducting magnets, the previous record was 24T, towards the goal of ever higher magnetic fields with dramatic reduction in energy consumption (kW vs MW) compared to conventional water-cooled resistive magnet technology. A lower noise environment for high precision measurements, as well as a larger sample space size provide additional advantages to this technology.

The magnet can house either a VTI or a top loading dil. fridge. The VTI enables temperatures in the range 1.4K - 300K with a 27.5mm sample space. The dil. Fridge has a base temperature of 14mK and cooling power of 400microW at 100mK with a 25mm sample space.



  • Maximum Field: 32T - Ramp rate up to 0.5T/min
  • Bore Diameter: 34 mm
  • Homogeneity: 2.5 ppm
  • Number of input and output leads possible: 36
  • Frequency: 0-100 kHz
  • Temperature Range: 14mK - 300 K
  • Open for users who would pay for magnet time: Yes


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Credit: National MagLab

32T All-Superconducting Magnet in 360 degrees

Drag your screen around to see the world's strongest all-superconducting magnet in full 360 degrees.

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Last modified on 13 December 2023

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