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Topic: Environment

Student Makes Smashing Discovery About Meteorite

At research conducted at the MagLab, a young geochemist uncovers the surprisingly violent origins of a meteorite.

Getting to the Bottom of Deepwater Horizon’s Impact

Thanks to the MagLab’s expertise and unique instruments, a geochemist finds a treasure trove of oil-spill data buried beneath the sea.

What's in the Water?

Studying dissolved organic matter helps us better understand our diverse and changing planet.

Esprit de Char

Members of a sprawling science team piece together the puzzle of biochar, a promising tool in the fight against global warming.

Carbon in the Congo

Water samples collected from the heart of Africa contain clues about carbon cycling worldwide.

Resilient Reefs

Florida scientists are helping coral protect itself against nitrogen overload.

Scientists Get Down to Earth on Climate Change

Researchers talk about what they're doing outside the lab to protect our planet and how their training as scientists informs those efforts.

Poison in the Pavement

A deeper understanding of petroleum molecules is shedding a harsh light on how some of them behave in our environment.

'Til Death Do They Part?

Some manmade chemicals feature bonds so strong they could last forever. And that's a life-threatening problem.

Last modified on 10 August 2022