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Tag: Science & Art

Reveal Veggie MRI

You've probably heard of people having MRIs, but what would fruits & veggies look like imaged by a powerful magnet? Try your hand at our new guessing game to put your mind to the test.

Play the Puzzles

Scientific discovery can be a little like a puzzle. Scientists have to process all of their data and put the pieces together in just the right way to see the full picture of their finding. In that spirit, we invite you to play with these virtual puzzles of discoveries and tools at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Fun & Games with Data

High-field data comes in a boggling array of shapes, squiggles and colors. Play along as we try to figure out what it all means.

Attack of Acronyms

The alphabet soup favored by many scientists can make difficult concepts downright incomprehensible.

Let’s play SciBall!

This sports and science mash up features new geeky games inspired by the cool things scientists study in high-field magnets. 

Monty Python's Science Circus

And now for something completely different: 10 high-field physics predictions that Monty Python nailed.

Make It Better ... With a Bitter!

The heart of a resistive magnet, the Bitter disk is too beautiful and versatile to be confined to the laboratory.

Whiteboard as Canvas

The eyes of an artist reveal the beauty and emotion behind this quintessentially scientific medium.

High Fields Form New Picture of Damaged Paintings

Metals plus fatty acids add up to trouble for valuable artwork, but magnets are shedding light on the canvas-marring chemistry.


With a little imagination and editing, discoveries found at national magnet labs could fit as well on a museum wall as they do on the pages of scientific journals.

Drawing Magnetic Field Lines

Magnetic fields are invisibile, but with this activity you can – abracadabra – make the field lines appear!

Making Ferrofluids

This iron-packed substance has a dual personality; one second it's a liquid, the next it's a solid. Mix up a batch at home and see how this unique stuff works.

Makeshift Magnets

Turn your trash into treasure by creating your own high-field magnet models.

Möbius Strip

When you take a strip of paper, give it half a twist, and join the ends, you have created a Möbius strip.

Atomic Ornament

Build the structure of carbon, neon, nitrogen and lithium to create a beautiful DIY ornament in this STEM craft activity.

Magnetic Putty

Concrete an understanding of magnetic putty with this hands-on lesson. 

Pancake Particles

Combining subatomic particles, science, photography and more, this lesson can be used in science class or many other subjects.

ICR FAIR Data: MagLab Data Enhances Processing of Dissolved Organic Matter Mass Spectra

Combining new data with an existing MagLab dataset, researchers characterized the millions of unique chemicals found in our waterways, including both natural compounds formed by the decomposition of plant matter and man-made toxic pollutants. 

Pole Patrol

Keeping track of where on earth our poles are is practically a full-time job.

Last modified on 10 August 2022