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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

11.1 Tesla 40 cm MRI/S System (Gainesville)

This instrument, 11 T/40 cm Bruker Avance III HD, is located at the MagLab's AMRIS Facility at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

This horizontal magnet is equipped with a Bruker AV3HD console with Paravision 6.0.1. console for diffusion and functional MRI of animal models, MR spectroscopy, MR microscopy, and development of novel RF coil technology. Providing programmable delivery of highly linear radiofrequency pulses with nanosecond resolution, the custom-built console yields high-sensitivity signal reception over a broad range of frequencies. The console supports very sensitive parallel receivers with a broad dynamic range to detect signals from highly abundant water down to metabolites in the micromolar concentration range, and the regulation of the high magnetic field gradients which, along with the high field and very large bore size of the magnet, make the capabilities of this instrument unique.

Together with the existing extremely strong RRI gradient coils and powerful gradient amplifier, the new console brings significant improvements to mapping resting-state and task-based, blood-oxygen-level-dependent functional MRI signals and to measuring induced electrical currents and white matter structural connectivity in vivo, as well as a wide range of neuroscience applications, such as pharmacological MRI. Additionally, the high field of the instrument provides excellent dispersion for spectroscopy measurements, particularly for both thermally- and hyperpolarized carbon-13 experiments. The chemical selectivity of these carbon-13 experiments can be used to trace multiple metabolic pathways in living systems simultaneously. Capabilities of dissolution DNP technology for in vivo animal models are available to external users through the MagLab.



  • MHz: 470
  • Field: 11.1 tesla
  • Bore size: 40 cm
  • Homogeneity: 0.1ppm
  • Bruker AV3 HD console/Paravision 6.01 with 1 1H /1 BB transmitter and 4 channel receivers
  • IECO GPA-400-750 (400A/750V peak) 3-axis gradient amplifier
  • BLAX1000 1kW 6-243 MHz linear RF amplifier
  • BLAH1000 1kW linear RF amplifier for 1H/19F
  • Bruker 10A shim power supply
  • Open for users who would pay for magnet time: Yes


Gradient Coils

  • RRI BFG-113/60-S: bore size 60mm, Gmax = 1500 mT/m @150A with 130 µs risetime
  • RRI BFG-240/120-S6: bore size 120mm, Gmax = 1000 mT/m @325A with 200 µs risetime
  • RRI BFG-400/260-S7: bore size 260mm, Gmax = 155 mT/m @200A with 330 µs risetime

RF Coils

  • 1H – Rapid Mouse Phased Array 2×2/AMRIS actively-decoupled 85 mm Quad Volume TR
  • 1H – Rapid Rat Phased Array 2×2/AMRIS actively-decoupled 85 mm Quad Volume TR
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.2/7.6 cm (Coil 301)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 5.1/9.5 cm (Coil 302)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.0/5.9 cm (fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
  • 1H – 470.7 MHz, quadrature birdcage 9.5/13.9 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature birdcage RX-only (Coil307)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, Bruker linear birdcage coil 7.2/11.0 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, Rapid actively-decoupled quadrature birdcage coil 7.6/12.0 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, loop-gap linear 1.3 cm (fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, loop-gap linear 1.3cm (fits RRI 240/120 gradient)
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature surface coil 2.5×3.5 cm
  • 1H – 470.7MHz, quadrature surface coil 2.0×2.5 cm
  • 1H – 470.7 MHz, quadrature birdcage 3.6/11.5 cm
  • 31P – 190.5 MHz, single loop surface linear 3×3 cm
  • 31P – 190.5MHz, surface linear 1.2×2.0 cm
  • 31P – 190.5MHz, surface linear 0.8×1.2 cm
  • 13C -118MHz, surface linear 0.9×1.2 cm

  • 1H imaging probes
    • Rapid Rat Phased Array 2x2/AMRIS actively-decoupled 85mm Quad Volume TR
    • Rapid Mouse Phased Array 2x2/AMRIS actively-decoupled 85mm Quad Volume TR
    • Quadrature birdcage coil 3.2/7.6cm (Coil 301)
    • Quadrature birdcage coil 5.1/9.5cm (Coil 302)
    • Quadrature birdcage coil 3.0/5.9cm (fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
    • Quadrature birdcage coil 9.5/13.9cm
    • Quadrature RX-only coil (Coil307)
    • Bruker linear birdcage coil 7.2/11.0cm
    • Rapid actively-decoupled quadrature birdcage coil 7.6/12.0cm
    • Quadrature coil 3.6/11.5cm (for awake mouse brain imaging)
    • Loop-gap linear coil 1.3cm (fits RRI 240/120 gradient)
    • Loop-gap linear coil 1.3cm (fits RRI 113/60 gradient)
    • Quadrature surface coil 2.5x3.5cm
    • Quadrature surface coil 2.0x2.5cm
  • 31P - single loop surface linear coils sizes of 3x3cm, 1.2x2.0cm, and 0.8x1.2cm
  • 13C – single loop surface linear coil 0.9x1.2cm

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Credit: National MagLab

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Last modified on 06 October 2023

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