Making Science for Everyone

With girls and women still facing hurdles in STEM fields, science education expert Roxanne Hughes discussed how to create a more inclusive climate at the MagLab’s recent Science Cafe.

Roxanne Hughes discussed how to create a more inclusive climate at the MagLab’s recent Science Cafe

Sex and the Spineless

We open a can of worms to learn how pheromones help invertebrates regulate population.

Illustration by Caroline McNeil

Building Better Batteries

Thanks to a new NMR technique, scientists can now observe lithium moving through an electrolyte in real time.

MRI images of mice brains, with regions related to mood segmented out: the prefrontal cortex (PFC) and caudate putamen CPu).

Cheaper Ways to Make Strong Permanent Magnets

New technique developed at the MagLab transforms common materials into powerful magnets.


MagLab Reclaims World Record

The National MagLab reclaims a long-held record with a 41.4-tesla resistive magnet that will make some of the highest fields available to more scientists.

World-record resistive magnet.

Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives - Materials


Scientists use our magnets to explore semiconductors, superconductors, newly-grown crystals, buckyballs and materials from the natural world — research that reveals the secret workings of materials and empowers us to develop new technologies.

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Research Initiatives - Energy


Scientists here are working to optimize petroleum refining, advance potential bio-fuels such as pine needles and algae, and fundamentally change the way we store and deliver energy by developing better batteries.

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Research Initiatives - Life


With the world’s strongest MRI magnet, scientists here study everything from living animals to individual cells, from proteins to disease-fighting molecules found in plants and animals — work that could improve treatment of AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

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Featured Publications

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