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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Open House

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MagLab Open House is a free, annual event for visitors of all ages! Each year on the last Saturday in February, we invite the public to explore the world's largest & highest-powered magnet lab, engage with nearly 100 hands-on demonstrations and meet our scientists and researchers. 

Thank you to the more than 8,500 visitors who joined us on Saturday, Feb 24th for MagLab Open House 2024! 

If you missed our 2024 Open House event, please check back later in the year to learn more about our next MagLab Open House in 2025 (on the last Saturday in February -- Feb 22, 2025). 

In 2024, we turned the lab into a Science ToyLand with special activities inspired by all of your toy box favorites- from classic building and spinning toys to iconic characters and modern favorites. People came and explored the science of toys and the creative fun that comes from play!

When: Open House 2024 has ended, but we will be back on the last Saturday in February 2025.

Where: National MagLab Headquarters Location - 1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310 - View Google Map

Admission: FREE!

Our Open House event features classic MagLab demonstrations like our Quarter Shrinker, Potato Launcher, Cryo Flowers, Junkyard Magnet, and a chance to taste Einstein's Ice Cream.

2024 Community Partners

Our 2024 Open House featured activities from STEM organizations across the area, including Tallahassee Scientific Society, MoLab, WFSU, Leroy Collins Leon County Public Library, St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, National Parks Service, LeMoyne Arts, Sea-to-See, Tallahassee Astronomical Society, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, FSU Coastal Marine Lab, ReThink Energy Florida, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and Florida Center for Interactive Media. If you are interested in becoming a new Open House community partner at our 2025 event, please contact us at

2025 Food Trucks

If you are interested in providing food at the 2025 MagLab Open House event, please contact us at

Open House Sponsors & Support

Our 2024 Open House event featured continued support from Quantum Design, Duke Energy, and Prime Meridian Bank.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a future Open House event, please contact us at or make a donation online to support more dynamic hands-on STEM education and outreach experiences.

2024 Open House Map

2024 Open House Demonstrations

Open House Image Gallery

Credit: National MagLab

Virtual Open House

Can't make it to the live event? Explore our more than 20 free virtual events, video demonstrations of your favorite flagship demos, behind the scenes, all-access video tours and a half-dozen web-based games for visitors of all ages here anytime you'd like to bring MagLab Open House right to your house!

Videos: Behind the Scenes - All Access

Explore the MagLab like never before with these 360 degree videos featuring spaces usually only accessible to the experts.

The MagLab Plant in 360 degrees

Click and drag to look around the plant in 360 degrees to see our chillers, cooling pumps, water treatment devices, helium and air compressors, an electrical switchgear, heat exchangers and other special equipment needed to support the world's most powerful magnets.

Length: 3:01

Helium Recycling in 360 degrees

Drag your screen around to see 360 degrees of the MagLab's equipment to capture, purify, and reliquefy helium.

Length: 1:09

See the behind the scenes playlist

Virtual Demos

See eye-popping demonstrations in action and learn the science behind them.

Shrinking Quarter Machine

A MagLab physicist and engineer pair up to demonstrate the lab's famous Quarter Shrinking Machine, a loud, stinky illustration of electrodynamics, circuits, Lenz’s Law and Lorenz forces.

Length: 7:56

Potato Launcher

An up-close view of a favorite Open House demo, carbo-loaded with information on how the pneumatic potato launcher works.

Length: 1:58

Junkyard Magnet

Watch a junkyard magnet squash water jugs and melons using the power of electromagnets.

Length: 2:40

See the virtual demo playlist

Recorded live sessions

Virtual Field Trip

Length: 1:07:00

The Story of Attraction

Length: 50:05

Scientist Speed Session with Dr. Matt Eddy

Length: 45:30

Kitchen Chemistry

Length: 59:22

See the recorded live session playlist

Games & Interactive

Reveal veggie MRI thumbnail

Reveal Veggie MRI

Can you guess the food by looking at an image taken in our world's most powerful MRI magnet?

Attack of the acronyms thumbnail

Attack of the Acronyms

Acronyms (and their less cohesive cousin, initialisms) are one of scientists’ favorite communication tools. But their use — or overuse — can torpedo the chances of readers actually comprehending what is written.

More Games & Interactive

Last modified on 29 March 2024