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Former horse trainers, bartenders and coaches are chiming in on a recent social media trend by sharing their first seven jobs, revealing the diversity of paths to science in the process.

(Left to right) Sean Coyne, Amy McKenna and Roxanne Hughes in their former lives as (respectively) a horse trainer, bartender and coach.

Research Gems are Creme de la Creme

We skimmed from the top to select the very best interdisciplinary research enabled by our magnets last year.

Best of 2015 research

A Global Resource

In 2015, the MagLab worked with 1,615 scientists from more than 300 universities, labs and companies around the globe. Find out who they are and where they're from.

MagLab user map.

Crowdsourcing Science

If you missed Pulsed Field Facility physicist Ross McDonald’s Science Cafe on electrons, join the crowd and watch it online!

Pulsed Field Facility physicist Ross McDonald’s Science Cafe

Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives - Materials


Scientists use our magnets to explore semiconductors, superconductors, newly-grown crystals, buckyballs and materials from the natural world — research that reveals the secret workings of materials and empowers us to develop new technologies.

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Research Initiatives - Energy


Scientists here are working to optimize petroleum refining, advance potential bio-fuels such as pine needles and algae, and fundamentally change the way we store and deliver energy by developing better batteries.

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Research Initiatives - Life


With the world’s strongest MRI magnet, scientists here study everything from living animals to individual cells, from proteins to disease-fighting molecules found in plants and animals — work that could improve treatment of AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

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Latest Science Highlights

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Featured Publications

Detection of "free" oxide ions in low-silica Ca/Mg silicate glasses: Results from 17O→29Si HETCOR NMR , H.Z. Gan, et al., J. Non-Cryst. Solids, (2016), 445-446, 1-6. See Science Highlight or Read online 

Crystallization of spin superlattices with pressure and field in the layered magnet SrCu2(BO3)2. , S. Haravifard, et al., Nat. Commun., (2016), 7, 11956. doi:10.1038/ncomms11956. See Science Highlight or Read online 

EPR Studies of Supramolecular Aggregates of Single-Molecule Magnets , T. N. Nguyen, et al., Science Chem. Sci, (2016), 7, 1156-1173. See Science Highlight or Read online 

New Fractional Fractal Quantum Hall States in Graphene , L. Wang, et al., Science, (2015), 350, 1231-1234. See Science Highlight or Read online 

Enhancing coherence in molecular spin qubits via atomic clock transitions, Shiddiq, M., et al., Nature, (2016), 531, 348-351. Read online 

Ising pairing in superconducting NbSe2 atomic layers, X. Xi, et al., Nature Physics., (2016), 12, 139–143. See Science Highlight or Read online