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Annual Report 2014

How to Make a Mentor

Jim Brooks was a mentor to practically everyone he met. His life was a primer for educators everywhere on how to groom better scientists — and better people.

Jim Brooks at the lab's 2014 Open House.

MagLab Reports

In this latest issue, read about the MagLab’s new look, the legacy of mentorship at the lab and why diamonds can be a scientist’s best friend.

MagLab Reports, Vol 22 No.1

Magnetic Fields and Superconductivity

Working in the world-record 100 tesla magnet, researchers take our understanding of quantum matter to new levels.

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Brad Ramshaw conducts an experiment at the Pulsed Field Facility.

What's That?

If you want to get millions of watts of electricity into a magnet, you'll need a couple of these.

Research engineer Justin Deterding works with current leads for the 36 tesla hybrid magnet.

Nobel Lectures on Microscopy

Visit our YouTube channel to watch recent lectures by Nobel laureate Eric Betzig and physicist Harald Hess sponsored by the MagLab.

Physicist Harald Hess, MagLab Director Greg Boebinger and Nobel laureate Eric Betzig.

Research Initiatives


Scientists use our magnets to explore semiconductors, superconductors, newly-grown crystals, buckyballs and materials from the natural world — research that reveals the secret workings of materials and empowers us to develop new technologies.

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Scientists here are working to optimize petroleum refining, advance potential bio-fuels such as pine needles and algae, and fundamentally change the way we store and deliver energy by developing better batteries.

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With the world’s strongest MRI magnet, scientists here study everything from living animals to individual cells, from proteins to disease-fighting molecules found in plants and animals — work that could improve treatment of AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

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Latest Science Highlights

  • 20 kA HTS Current Leads for the Series-Connected Hybrid Magnet
    11 April 2015
    20 kA HTS Current Leads for the Series-Connected Hybrid Magnet

    The Series Connected Hybrid magnet that is under fabrication at the NHMFL will utilize current leads containing high temperature superconductor to deliver 20 kA with low heat loads to the helium circuit. The leads have been successfully tested and are ready for installation into the magnet system.

  • Controlled Under Pressure: Exchange Anisotropy in Organic Magnets
    10 April 2015
    Controlled Under Pressure: Exchange Anisotropy in Organic Magnets

    MagLab users have employed a combination of ab-initio theory and a newly developed high-pressure, high-field ferromagnetic resonance technique, which is uniquely sensitive to anisotropic magnetic interactions, to gain insights into the importance of spin-orbit coupling effects in a range of organic materials where this effect is usually considered to be small. The findings may be applicable to topics as diverse as spintronics and topological spin phases./p>

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Featured Publications

Isotropic round-wire multifilament cuprate superconductor for generation of magnetic fields above 30 T, D.C. Larbalestier, et al., Nature Materials., 13, 375–381 (2014) See Science Highlight or Read online 

Bottom-up formation of endohedral mono-metallofullerenes is directed by charge transfer, P.W.Dunk, et al., Nature Communications, 5, 5844 (2014) See Science Highlight or Read online 

Observation of topological surface state quantum Hall effect in an intrinsic three-dimensional topological insulator, Y. Xu, et al., Nature Physics, 10, 956–963 (2014) See Science Highlight or Read online 

Two-dimensional Fermi surfaces in Kondo insulator SmB6, G. Li, et al., Science, 346, no.6214,1208-1212 (2014) See Science Highlight or Read online 

A high-spin square-planar Fe(II) complex stabilized by a trianionic pincer-type ligand and conclusive evidence for retention of geometry and spin state in solution, M. E. Pascualini, et al., Chemical Science, 6, 608-612 (2015) See Science Highlight or Read online 

Evidence for composition variations and impurity segregation at grain boundaries in high current-density polycrystalline K- and Co-doped BaFe2As2 superconductors, Y.-J. Kim, et al., Applied Physics Letters, 105, 162604 (2014) See Science Highlight or Read online 

Metabolic properties in stroked rats revealed by relaxation-enhanced magnetic resonance spectroscopy at ultrahigh fields, N. Shemesh, et al., Nature Communications, 5, 4958 (2014) See Science Highlight or Read online 

Metabolic T1 dynamics and longitudinal relaxation enhancement in vivo at ultrahigh magnetic fields on ischemia, N. Shemesh, et al., Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow Metabolism, 34(11): 1810-7 (2014) See Science Highlight or Read online