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Ultrafast MAS

Magic-angle sample spinning (MAS) is the standard method for obtaining high-resolution NMR spectra of solids. In the presence of strong dipolar-dipolar couplings such as protons in solids, faster spinning averages out more effective the dipolar broadening. MAS probes with spinning speed up to 70kHz (1.3mm rotor diameter) are available at 800MHz MB and 600MHz WB instruments. The ultrafast MAS is useful for direct proton detection of solid samples.


Available Spectrometers

The following spectrometers are available for this technique:

The following probes are available for this technique:

  • 600 MHz 1.3 mm Fast MAS probe, 1H–13C–15N or 1H–X (Bruker H13755)

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Last modified on 28 December 2022

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