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Platinum NMR Thermometry in High B/T

Pt NMR thermometry, as used in the High B/T Facility, relies on the paramagnetism of the Pt nuclear spins, which obey Curie's law with the NMR free-induction amplitude inversely proportional to temperature.

It is a secondary thermometer and is calibrated against the International 2001 Provisional Low Temperature Scale (with 0.904 mK the magnetic ordering of solid He3 in zero field and 315 mK for the minimum of the melting curve).


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Credit: National MagLab

Related Publications

R. L. Rusby, et al., The Provisional Low Temperature Scale from 0.9 mK to 1 K, PLTS-2000, J. Low Temp. Phys. 126, 633-642 (2002). Read online.

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