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Infrared / Terahertz Magneto Optics in DC Fields

Bruker FTIR spectrometers are coupled to SCM3 and resistive magnet in cell 8.

IR transmission (reflectance) measurements can be carried out in magnetic fields up to 35T (17.5T). With a variety of detectors, beamsplitters and light sources, the frequency range of 10-6,000 cm-1 (far-IR to mid-IR) can be covered in magnetic fields, with a resolution better than 0.03 cm-1. Measurements are available in the Faraday geometry (magnetic field perpendicular to the sample) at a temperature range of 4.2-8 K at SCM3 and at 4.2 K in cell 8. Four samples can be loaded to the sample probe in one cool-down in SCM3 (17.5 T magnet) for both transmission and reflectance experiments, whereas one sample can be measured for one cool-down in 35 T magnet in cell 8 for transmission experiments. Typically the relative noise-to-signal ratio can be lower than 0.1%, which varies with the transmission and reflectance signals from samples. New capabilities of IR measurements are being developed besides those described above. Please contact Zhiqiang (Jason) Li for updates.


Compatible Magnets

Resistive Magnets

Superconducting Magnets

  • Bruker vertex 80v IR spectrometer
  • Bruker 66v IR spectrometer
  • Bruker 113v IR spectrometer

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Images & Sample Data

Credit: National MagLab

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