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In this hyper high-tech world, you can find almost anything online. And this year, that includes MagLab Open House which will, for the very first time, move from our physical space to cyberspace.

Between February 19 and March 6, the MagLab will host more than 20 free, live virtual events as part of this year's Open House including a session on Kitchen Chemistry and the first ever MagLab Escape Room. See the full listing below.

Beginning on February 19, we will release special video and game content for you to enjoy whenever it works for you, including

  • More than 20 new video demonstrations of your favorite flagship demos
  • Behind the scenes, all-access video tours that give visitors 360 degree views of locations at the MagLab that aren’t even accessible during a live Open House event
  • Plus, a half-dozen web-based games for visitors of all ages, including a scavenger hunt with special MagLab prizes for the top three finishers.

Live Events

2021 Open House Live Event - Summer Camp Fair
Date 03/06/2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

open house 2021 summer camp fair thumbnail

Presenter: Ilya Litvak - NMR Facility

Description: Want to grow curiosity and STEM skills in your kids this summer? There are science camps a walk or a bus ride away and some you can do right from your home, many at no charge. Join us at this Summer Camp Fair for a preview of amazing STEM camp experiences for K-12 participants. Bring your questions about the camps or just come to enjoy some STEM fun.


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Behind the Scenes - All Access

  • The MagLab Plant in 360 degrees

    Click and drag to look around the plant in 360 degrees to see our chillers, cooling pumps, water treatment devices, helium and air compressors, an electrical switchgear, heat exchangers and other special equipment needed to support the world's most powerful magnets.

    Length: 3:01

  • Helium Recycling in 360 degrees

    Drag your screen around to see 360 degrees of the MagLab's equipment to capture, purify, and reliquefy helium.

    Length: 1:09

  • World's Strongest Magnet in 360 Degrees

    Drag your video to see the 45 tesla magnet in full 360 degrees & see what only the world's leading physicists see when they conduct experiments on this magnet system.

    Length: 5:21

  • Millikelvin in 360 degrees

    Drag your screen around to see the lab's Millikelvin Facility in 360 degrees, but know that inside these magnets, physicists perform experiments at some of the coldest temperatures on the planet… within 7 thousandths of a Kelvin above absolute zero.

    Length: 2:25

  • HiPER in 360 degrees

    Drag your screen to see this special instrument for electron magnetic resonance in 360 degrees.

    Length: 1:59

  • 32T All-Superconducting Magnet in 360 degrees

    Drag your screen around to see the world's strongest all-superconducting magnet in full 360 degrees.

    Length: 1:19

  • Series Connected Hybrid in 360 degrees

    Drag the screen around to see this 36 tesla hybrid magnet system in 360 degrees.

    Length: 2:05

  • Magnet Making at the MagLab in 360 degrees

    Drag the screen to see inside 360 degrees of the resistive magnet shop, supeconducting winding area and high bay magnet space where the world's most powerful magnets are built.

    Length: 4:41

  • Machine Shop in 360 degrees

    Drag the screen to see this 5,000 square feet of manufacturing equipment in full 360 degrees – no safety glasses required if you're watching from home.

    Length: 1:26

Virtual Demos

  • Shrinking Quarter Machine

    A MagLab physicist and engineer pair up to demonstrate the lab's famous Quarter Shrinking Machine, a loud, stinky illustration of electrodynamics, circuits, Lenz’s Law and Lorenz forces.

    Length: 7:56

  • Levitation Melting

    Watch this metal sphere levitate in the bore of an induction coil and learn why it happens.

    Length: 1:28

  • Potato Launcher

    An up-close view of a favorite Open House demo, carbo-loaded with information on how the pneumatic potato launcher works.

    Length: 1:58

  • Junkyard Magnet

    Watch a junkyard magnet squash water jugs and melons using the power of electromagnets.

    Length: 2:40

  • MagLev Trains

    This model train demonstrates magnetic levitation, the Meissner Effect and magnetic flux trapping.

    Length: 2:18

  • DC circuits

    Watch this video to see how direct current works.

    Length: 1:12

  • How Atmospheric Pressure Affects Objects

    Watch how changing the atmospheric pressure around objects can change their size.

    Length: 1:40

  • Make a Compass Demonstration

    Learn how to make a simple compass with materials you have at home.

    Length: 1:13

  • Make an Electromagnet

    Learn how to make a simple electromagnet right at home.

    Length: 1:34

  • Seeing Magnetic Field Lines

    ompasses and special metal filings help you "see" the invisible force of magnetic fields.

    Length: 1:42

  • Human Levitator

    Can a superconducting magnet levitate a human? And, if so, what would it feel like?

    Length: 0:59

  • Crystal Growing

    Watch crystals grow in this time lapse footage and learn how to grow your own crystals at home.

    Length: 4:03

  • Cryo Flowers

    Can you shatter a rose into a thousand pieces? Watch and find out.

    Length: 1:53

  • Cryo Bananas

    Could you hammer in a nail with a banana? Watch and see.

    Length: 1:40

  • Cryo Balloons

    What happens when you put balloons in liquid nitrogen? Can cryogens change the properties of the air inside of a balloon? Watch to find out.

    Length: 2:03

  • Ferromagnetic Football

    What happens when you throw a magnetic football next to the world's strongest magnet? Touchdown!

    Length: 1:29

  • Eddy Currents in Action

    What happens when different materials are released in the finge fields of the world's strongest magnet? It's a race that appears to defy gravity, but is instead an amazing way to see the effect of eddy currents on metals.

    Length: 2:36

  • Tesla Coils

    What's behind these cool purple sparks? Neat science about resonance and transformers.

    Length: 3:28

  • Nanoparticle-Treated Cyanobacteria: Biofuel of the Future

    Fieldwork: Exploring Cyanobacteria for Fuel.

    Length: 5:58

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Games & Interactive

  • scavenger hunt thumbnail

    Scavenger Hunt

    Explore the MagLab website in two weeks and earn the prize. The top finisher with the fastest time and most correct answers will receive a shrunken quarter!

  • vegetable mri thumbnail

    Reveal Veggie MRI

    Can you guess the food by looking at an image taken in our world's most powerful MRI magnet?

  • NationalMagLab M wide

    Play Puzzles

    Scientific discovery can be a little like a puzzle. Scientists have to process all of their data and put the pieces together in just the right way to see the full picture of their finding.

  • MagLab sound map thumbnail

    Sound at the Lab

    Want to hear all about science at the MagLab? Lend us an ear.

  • attack acronyms thumbnail

    Attack of the Acronyms

    Acronyms (and their less cohesive cousin, initialisms) are one of scientists’ favorite communication tools. But their use — or overuse — can torpedo the chances of readers actually comprehending what is written.

  • fun and games thumbnail

    Fun & Games with Data

    High-field data comes in a boggling array of shapes, squiggles and colors. Play along as we try to figure out what it all means.

Last modified on 3 March 2021