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Series Connected Hybrid for the MagLab

The MagLab has successfully tested the 36 tesla SCH magnet, slated to be available for users in 2017.

Series Connected Hybrid for the MagLab

Our Capabilities

We are the world leader in building resistive, high-temperature superconducting, hybrid and cable-in-conduit magnets.

CICC magnet shop.

Our Facilities

We do microanalysis, components testing and mechanical and physical properties testing.

Transmission Electron Microscope

Team 32 T

Pioneering a new superconducting tape, the lab is buidling an all-superconducting magnet that will shatter all previous records.

Team behind the 32 tesla all superconducting magnet.

The Platypus Project

This high-field, high-homogeneity demonstration magnet using Bi-2212 round wire could be the first mammal in the age of NMR dinosaurs.

Design of Platypus magnet

The MS&T Division is a world leader in building high-field magnet systems for scientific exploration in the biosciences, chemistry, materials science, condensed matter physics and mass spectrometry. Over the last two decades the division has developed more than 20 magnet systems and has held numerous world records, including our 45 tesla hybrid magnet and our 900 MHz NMR magnet.

The division builds systems for the MagLab and works with industry to develop the technology to improve high-field magnet manufacturing capabilities. The division's highly experienced engineers push the state of the art beyond what is currently available in high field magnet systems through research and development. The division also contracts with other institutions to design one-of-a-kind magnet systems; MagLab technology has been adopted by some 20 labs worldwide.


Current Magnet Projects

32T Superconducting magnet detail

32 Tesla All-Superconducting Magnet

When this ambitious project is completed in 2017, the strongest superconducting magnet on the planet will be housed at the MagLab. At 32 tesla, it will be a whopping 8.5 tesla stronger than the current record &mash; a giant leap in a technology that, since the 1960s, has seen only baby steps of 0.5 to 1 tesla.

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MagLab Series Connected Hybrid

Series Connected Hybrid for the MagLab

The MagLab is nearing completion of a 36 tesla series connected hybrid (SCH) magnet that will break the record for field homogeneity, enable new science with a magnetic field that is both very high and very stable, and operate much more cheaply than comparable magnets.

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HBZ Series Connected Hybrid design detail

Series Connected Hybrid for HZB

At 25 tesla, this magnet, built for the Helmholtz Centre Berlin, is the strongest magnet of its kind in the world. Its field is 47 percent stronger than that of the previous record-holder, and it offers twice as much scattering angle as other magnets available for neutron scattering.

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Featured Publications

Bi-2223 High-Temperature Superconducting Test Coils for NMR Magnets

Marshall, W.S., et al., IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 27, 4, (2017) See Science Highlight or Read online …

Permanent Magnet Materials without Neodymium and Dysprosium

Brown, D.R., et al., MRS Advances, 1, 3, 227-233 (2016) See Science Highlight or Read online …

New record NMR magnet reaches peak performance

M.D. Bird, et al., Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, vol.25, no.3, 4300606 (2015) See Science Highlight or Read online …

Spin echo modulated small-angle neutron scattering using superconducting magnetic Wollaston prisms

F. Li, et al., J. Appl. Cryst., (2016), 49. See Science Highlight or Read online …

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