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Jack Toth

Contact Information

Research Faculty III, Resistive Magnet Program Leader

Magnet Science & Technology, Scientific Staff

Jack  Toth


Phone: (850) 644-0854

Address: 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr., Tallahassee FL 32310-3706

Building: NHMFL FSU

Educational Background

Dresden University of Technology, Germany
Department of Civil Engineering
Institute for Structural Mechanics and Computational Science
* Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, September 1999
Thesis: Influence of braking forces on the dynamic behavior of railway bridges
Client: Deutsche Bahn AG / Research and Technology Center Munich
* M.S. in Civil Engineering and in Architectural Engineering, October 1995
Thesis: Including thin-walled beam elements in the FALT-FEM1-PC program system
Majors: Structural Engineering / Structural Mechanics Computing in Construction
* B.S. in Civil Engineering and in Architectural Engineering, October 1992
Thesis: Developing software tools for the data analyses of the program system STATRA
Electives: Technical drawing / descriptive geometry / CAD

Board of Professional Engineers, State of Florida, USA:
* "Engineer Intern", No. 1100007101, April 2001
Florida State University, USA, Program for Instructional Excellence:
* "2000 Professional Development Certificate", September 2000
* "Advanced Teaching Certificate", September 2000
* "2000 Instructional Technology Certificate", May 2000
Web-Based Distance Learning/Instruction

Research Interests

High-performance computing, model-based simulation, real-time monitoring, finite element analysis, digitizing, reverse engineering, mesh adaptation, parameter optimization, memory hierarchies and parallelism, visualization of scientific results, software and network programming, crashworthiness, structural mechanics, electrodynamics, magnetism, thermodynamics and numerical methods.

Professional Experience

4/ 01 to Present
Scholar/Scientist, Resistive Magnet Program Leader (since 6/2013) at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, FSU, USA,in Magnet Science and Technology Department.
* Provide role of leadership to Resistive Magnet Program
* Act as project leader for various Resistive Magnets representing critical NHMFL milestones (delivered predicted performance within schedule and on budget)
* Prepared complex analysis and numerical computations for cross-disciplinary projects examining and evaluating:
- Electromagnetic field and force distributions (AC/DC/transient),
- Heat transfer and thermodynamics (structural/cryogenics),
- Structural stress/strain distributions (statics/dynamics).
* Applied leading commercial finite element code & advanced and developed codes at the NHMFL for research, development, and optimization of unique magnet systems.

10/ 99 to 4/ 01
Postdoctoral Research Associate & Teaching Assistant at Florida A & M University - Florida State University, in College of Engineering, Tallahassee, USA, in Institute for Transportation Technologies.
* Supervised several large cross-disciplinary research projects conducted at the Crashworthiness and Impact Analysis Laboratory, (CIAL) sponsored by the Florida DOT & FHWA:
"Investigation of Piezoelectric Sensors for Traffic Monitoring",
"Crashworthiness of Public Transportation Buses",
"Vehicle Trajectories Traversing FDOT Curbs",
"Investigation of Bridge Fender Systems for Vessel Impact".
* Prepared several proposals for funding and grants for the Institute for Transportation Technologies.
* Taught selected lectures of "Advanced Structural Analysis" course (CES 4101/5106) and worked as an Instructor/Teaching Assistant for "Structural Stability" course (CES 5218) at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
* Prepared and delivered course materials, conducted classroom interaction on the Worldwide Web applying Blackboard/CourseInfo system, a web-based long-distance learning environment.
* Developed and maintained CIAL website.
* Tutored a Ph.D. student and graduate students setting up research plans for developing their theses.
* Made several presentations at workshops, seminars, and conferences.

11/ 95 to 9/ 99
Graduate Research Associate at Dresden University of Technology, Germany, in Institute for Structural Mechanics and Computational Science.
* Researched and taught selected topics of dynamics at the Chair for Dynamics of Structures.
* Developed instructional course materials for the lectures in "Dynamics of Structures" and "Numerical Methods" at the Department of Civil Engineering.
* Tutored student trainees and diploma degree candidates in existing hardware and software packages and in program developing.
* Supervised Computer Laboratory (PC's & Mainframes).
* Developed computer software for various special areas in civil engineering, especially the program system LAbEB for the analysis of the dynamic behavior of railway bridges.
* Represented research projects, discussed questions of common interest, and coordinated public relations with our partner University in Budapest, Hungary.
* Prepared numerous studies for special buildings including measuring & real time monitoring and extensive static & dynamic analyses.

1/ 92 to 9/ 99
Assistant and Consulting Engineer at Engineering Company György Tóth, Dresden, Germany
* Supervised Computer section (System & CAD ) and provided consulting by various expertise for planning of building maintenance and rehabilitation including damp-proof and thermal insulation.
* Managed, checked, and coordinated building activities including the supervision of meetings and the preparation of memos and certificates.

1/ 94 to 9/ 95
Computer Developer / Programmer at Engineering Company Friedrich&Lochner, Stuttgart, Germany
* Developed professional software modules for the dimensioning of steel structures and their framework pins according to the EUROCODE and DIN.
* Utilized existing software resources including the company's complex profile data base.

12/ 93 to 9/ 95
Research Assistant at Dresden University of Technology, Germany
* Developed and improved software modules and tools for data analyses of the Finite-Element program systems FALT-FEM1-PC and STATRA.