FSU Magnet Research and Development, Inc.

Florida State University Magnet Research and Development, Inc., (FSUMRD), is a not-for-profit corporation and a direct support organization (DSO) for Florida State University. The purpose of the organization is to promote and encourage the work of faculty, staff and students through income from contracts, grants and other sources. Specifically, FSUMRD will design, develop, build and test magnet systems.

As part of that mission, FSUMRD entered into an agreement in 2007 with the Helmholtz Centre Berlin (then known as the Hahn-Meitner Institute) to build an ultra-high field magnet. This horizontal series connected hybrid (SCH) magnet system will have a conical bore and a field of at least 25 tesla. The design makes the magnet ideal for neutron scattering experiments, which are among the best methods for probing atoms to better understand the structure of materials. Work on this unique magnet will take place at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory's Magnet Science & Technology Division in Tallahassee, Florida, and the Berlin Neutron Scattering Center in Germany.

Board of Directors

  • Mark Bird
  • Gregory Boebinger
  • Iain Dixon
  • Ross Ellington
  • David Larbalestier
  • Gary Ostrander
  • John Thrasher, FSU President


  • President:  Gary Ostrander
  • Vice President:  Ross Ellington
  • Secretary:  Kelly Stark
  • Treasurer:  Tiffany Ritter

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Last modified on 30 November 2018